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Business Resilience

Business Resilience

Safeguard your organisation against shocks, protect shareholder value and navigate disruptive change.

Safeguard your organisation against shocks and navigate disruptive change.

The world is getting more turbulent faster than organisations are becoming resilient. How exposed are you to new threats? Are you ready to respond to a major crisis? Resilient organisations can withstand shocks, protect shareholder value and navigate disruptive change.

At KPMG, we’ll help you identify and withstand incidents that could compromise the safety of your staff or disrupt your critical business activities.

We cover business continuity plan development and testing, cyber security and IT service resilience. We also offer physical security, crisis management planning and exercising, and supply chain risk assessment.

Our business resilience services include:

Resilience Workshop – empowering you to build organisational and operational resilience, leading to better decision making

Resilience Health Check - helping you understand your risk exposure

Resilience Roadmap - defining your risk appetite and the measures you need to take to strengthen your resilience to disruption

Supplier Risk Programme – evaluating your vulnerability to supply chain failure

Crisis Ready Programme - preparing you to respond to unplanned events, such as a major cyber attacks or regional disruptions

For more information on all our business resilience services, contact us today.

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