What is i-4?

The International information integrity institute (i-4) is a global knowledge and experience sharing forum for senior information security leaders.

i-4 brings together some of the leading minds in the world of information security and risk. Its members can stay one step ahead of the big issues that could potentially affect their businesses. Many of them hold senior roles within large, global organisations across a diverse range of industries. They all depend on IT operations with sophisticated risk management and security measures. The forum does not allow marketing or sales pitches within its sessions.

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Our ethos

The fundamental ethos of the i-4 concept is trust, collaboration, participation, contribution and the willingness of members to share valuable insights from their extensive experience.
Confidentiality is at our core, and members are expected to adhere to these values.

The i-4 team provides a number of valuable opportunities:

  • We enable collaboration with other members as they share their extensive experience to help address identified issues and anticipate emerging trends
  • We empower i-4 members by sharing the output of forums, collaboration groups, research or other useful insights 
  • We carry out benchmarking, research and support peer-to-peer knowledge sharing
  • We raise critical issues and publish the latest findings from the world of information security and risk, keeping our members up to date on subjects that matter.

Who attends i-4?

The job roles of our members include, but are not limited to: CISO, CIO, CEO, Head of Global Cyber Security, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Scientist, Global Architect, Director of IT Risk & Cyber Security and Director of Security.

Previous roundtable topics included:

  • Vulnerability management and testing
  • Insider threat assessments
  • Data encryption
  • Buying cyber insurance
  • Security vendor management
  • Zero trust networks
  • Incident and recovery management
  • Network security

Talk to our i4 expert

If you would like to learn more about the i-4 forum or are interested in joining, please get in touch.

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