Family (Individual) Estate Tax Advisory Services

Family (Individual) Estate Tax Advisory Services

KPMG's experienced tax professionals are able to assist the client in implementing a strategic approach for business succession

KPMG's experienced tax professionals are able to assist the client in implementing...

There have been frequent changes in local tax laws in recent years, and the increase of individual tax rate and reduction of imputation credit by half are the two changes that directly affect high income earners the most. Meanwhile, rising anti-tax evasion awareness around the world has significantly increased the tax burden and risk of exposure for high net worth individuals and high income earners. Taiwan's industries consist mainly of family-owned SMEs. As businesses grow, they commonly encounter problems concerning business sustainability and transfer of family wealth. How a family business can be passed down to the successor while incurring reasonable tax burden to the business and the individual, is often the key to a sustainable business. KPMG has highly experienced tax specialists available to conduct comprehensive strategic assessments for family businesses and help them develop wealth transfer solutions balanced between tax burden and risk control. It is our goal to help family businesses "minimize tax burden, maximize profit, and sustain legacy."

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