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Analyze – security audits

We limit the risk by identification of security vulnerabilities.

We limit the risk by identification of security vulnerabilities.

Evaluation of the security posture

We analyze security as a whole, taking into consideration the specifics of the industry and business objectives of the company. The scope of our work is usually a combination of the following services in three main areas:

1) Application:

  • Application penetration tests (web, mobile, thick client)
  • Application source code reviews
  • ERP system security assessments
  • Evaluation of the system design from a security perspective

2) Infrastructure:

  • Analysis of security architecture
  • Internal and external vulnerability tests as well as penetration tests
  • Evaluation of security configuration of infrastructure elements
  • Analysis of device security (IoT/IIoT)
  • Physical security tests

3) People:

  • Analysis of the maturity of processes and organization security
  • Compliance reviews of the organization and processes with applicable regulations
  • Verification of employees’ vulnerability to social engineering attacks
  • Verification of the effectiveness of security monitoring and incident response functions

Our services bring, among others, the following benefits:

  • Reducing operational risk by identifying weaknesses in the security of the tested infrastructure and applications as well as providing the possibility of improving the cybersecurity processes and organization.
  • Confirmation of due diligence, for the regulatory and supervisory authorities, through a security audit performed by an independent and recognized by the industry team of experts.
  • Improving the competence of employees in the field of cybersecurity, thanks to the cooperation with an experienced advisor, who is open for knowledge transfer.

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