Financial Services

Financial Services

As financial services continue to recover from the crisis and strengthen risk management, the focus remains on regulations and cost reduction.

Financial services remains focus on regulations and cost reduction.

Financial Services – A perspective

In the midst of sweeping regulatory changes, today’s Indonesian financial services institutions must juggle capital management, business risks and growth — all while meeting greater demands for transparency. Financial services organizations must overcome a host of ongoing challenges to be successful in an ever more competitive environment.

Having the right Indonesian professional services firm – one that understands your business and the issues you face and is dedicated to providing the insight and perspective you need to be successful – is critical.

At KPMG Indonesia, we provide practical advice and services to clients who benefit from the collective expertise of more than 150 member firms across the globe. We believe our unique passion for providing excellence in service underpins our leading position within the industry and within Indonesia.

We are supported by KPMG's Global Financial Services practice which has more than 21,000 experienced partners and professionals, and we provide audit, tax and advisory services to Banking and Finance, Insurance, Investment Management, and Capital Market sectors.  


How we can help 

KPMG's Financial Services practice provides a wide array of Audit, Tax and Advisory services to all key sectors across the industry: 

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