Investment Management

Investment Management

Adding the global financial crisis to competitive forces, volatile markets, evolving regulatory oversight and unpredictable investor behavior makes the funds management marketplace ever more unpredictable.

Anticipating and managing change in this uncertain environment is testing the abilities of even the best-run organizations. Provided it is relevant and timely, external advice can make a real difference in these circumstances.

KPMG’s Investment Management practice works with clients to obtain an in-depth understanding of the markets and develop strategies spanning fund life cycles from value creation to realization. We provide guidance on regulatory issues as they unfold. We help clients fulfill their accounting, reporting, risk management and governance obligations. We assist them in developing strategic and performance-oriented business models.

Many of the issues and situations facing the investment management and superannuation industries are technically complex, prompting KPMG to invest heavily in the technical knowledge and development of its people. 

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