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Tax advisory services

Tax advisory services

Changes in tax rules can be difficult to comprehend. Our tax consultants can help you understand how your business can be affected.

KPMG's experts make sure you get a proper hold of the changes in tax rules.

Mergers and acquisitions

Each transaction comes with tax consequences. Irrespective of whether you contemplate a merger, a restructuring or an acquisition, you can make the most of possible tax benefits if you dig deep into the relevant tax aspects. At the same time, you can reduce relevant transaction risks. If you contemplate a merger or an acquisition on a foreign market, specialised tax advisory services can be instrumental in ensuring a successful transaction.


Transfer pricing                 

Tax authorities in several countries are in the process of tightening transfer pricing rules and introducing more stringent penalties in case of non-compliance. Irrespective of whether you already have activities abroad or contemplate international expansion as part of your strategic efforts, multinationals need to get hold of the relevant tax rules to ensure commerciality and the optimum tax structure.


Corporation tax

From time to time, changes in tax rules can be difficult to comprehend. KPMG is constantly in close interaction with business like yours to be able to render high-standard services. Our tax consultants' effective analyses can pinpoint how your business can or will be affected, which will give you time to adjust your tax processes accordingly. Additionally, we can assist you with assessing the efficiency of your business structures, identifying potential tax savings and, together with you, develop a tailored tax model suitable to your business.


Cross-border tax disclosures

The world is getting more and more interconnected, which will also affect your tax disclosures. If you are represented in more than one jurisdiction, it is possible that you will automatically be required to make tax disclosures in several jurisdictions. Accordingly, it is important to ensure compliance with the requirements in the relevant jurisdictions. 

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