Responding to internal and external accounting issues

Organisations undertaking special transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, Initial Public Offerings, or debt financing following a restructuring, will be faced with internal and external reporting issues. Financial challenges may also arise because of changes in accounting standards.

KPMG’s Accounting Advisory Services team works in close collaboration with our clients on everything from technical accounting aspects and financial reporting processes, to the application of new accounting standards. The team provides a wide range of services across industries, such as the following:

  • Accounting advisory services on group restructuring, refinancing, acquisitions, initial public offering, and carve-outs
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Technical accounting advisory services and conversion projects on implementation of new IFRS standards
  • Accounting Advisory Services on financial reporting in accordance with IFRS and the Danish Financial Statements Act
  • Practical training for external and internal audiences

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Primary accounting areas

IFRS is undergoing constant change. Accordingly, companies may face challenges in meeting the standards, as implementing new financial reporting practices can be burdensome and require significant changes to current processes. At KPMG we are adept at cutting through complexity, giving you a clear and concise understanding of what you need to keep in mind to ensure compliance. We can advise you on the potential effects of revised IFRS and develop suitable, practical solutions.

To keep updated on KPMG’s knowledge within IFRS, follow our dedicated IFRS LinkedIn page.

If you have operations in the united states, compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley act is mandatory.  The Act requires that all listed companies set up internal controls over their financial reporting and regularly test and verify the reliability of these controls. In addition, executives will be held personally accountable for unreliable controls and instances of fraud. 

Accordingly, Danish companies aiming towards listing in the US should take special note of all requirements. Further, compliance with the act is recommended even though US listing is not the present agenda, as it promotes stronger governance and a high degree of trust among stakeholders. 

Over the years, the Danish Financial Statements Act has been amended on several occasions. At KPMG we strive to supply our clients with the most recent advisory services to ensure that your annual reports comply with all technical accounting practices, e.g. disclosure requirements, recognition and measurement criteria, and industry-specific regulations.

Learn more about the most recent amendments to the Danish Financial Statements Act here. 

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