The global economic crisis proved that many businesses did not take a strategic and coordinated approach to risk management and control. Following the crisis, organisations are now pressured to be more proactive and rigorous in managing their risks and providing assurance to internal and external stakeholders on their risk management effectiveness.

Businesses that can clearly articulate, quantify and control the risks they face and their likely impact on performance will ultimately make better business decisions. Finance organisations that invest in fast, efficient and technology-driven processes and controls can drive new compliance and performance capabilities and establish a strong level of organisational resilience.

At KPMG Advisory, our approach towards Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) is holistic, helping clients develop the appropriate strategy, framework and governance to oversee financial risks and controls.

We support clients in transforming their finance processes and controls towards leading practice. Based on our proprietary Powered Enterprise framework, we help finance organisations design, optimise and implement technology-driven processes and controls for their finance end-to-end processes (O2C, P2P, R2R, and H2R) and other core processes on multiple levels.

Furthermore, we help organisations establish adequate monitoring of risk and performance, while facilitating training for finance controllers to become control champions.
Our primary offerings are:

  • Development of controls framework and gap analysis to KPMG leading practice
  • Finance end-to-end process assessment and gap analysis to KPMG leading practice
  • Process mining and technology-driven process verification (Celonis)
  • Defining and monitoring control performance and KPIs
  • Design of governance models
  • Automation of controls
  • Design and implementation of GRC Target Operating Models
  • Enterprise risk management and maturity assessments
  • Roadmap for effective roll-out and training.