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At KPMG, we understand the importance of performance management and analytics as a critical foundation for efficient decision-making and driving performance of the organisation.

Performance management serves as the main instrument to operationalise and secure strategic goals set out by top management. It serves the purpose of driving and aligning KPIs and performance across the organisation towards common goals, supporting the strategic ambition of the company.

To ensure successful performance management, it is important that Finance take charge of the performance management process, defining the right performance management model and securing that information and insights are made available for relevant decision makers in time for critical decisions.

Out team has years of experience supporting organisations in designing strategic goals, KPIs and building efficient performance management models. We assist our clients during the performance management process facilitating the approach and providing relevant input on best practice.
We furthermore support Finance functions in embracing advanced analytics to build efficient, automated and insightful performance management reporting. With the increased accessibility to both internal and external data for finance organisations, the future Finance function must take ownership of the analytics game, paving way for algorithms and advanced analytics to generate more data-driven insights.

KPMG support Finance functions in embracing advanced analytics in the performance management process to further optimise and provide new insights into the performance management reporting.

Our expertise spans over the following areas:
  • Assessment of current performance management model 
  • Building and designing performance management models from strategy to individual KPIs
  • Design, implementation and automation of performance management model
  • Assessment and design of advanced analytics as part of performance management model
  • Interactive reporting dashboards/tools using PowerBI, QlikView, Tableau, Alteryx etc.