Business Location Switzerland

Business Location Switzerland

How do senior executives of multinational corporations view doing business in Switzerland? What steps have they taken to transform their businesses?

How attractive is Switzerland for multinationals?

As one of the top business locations worldwide, Switzerland is renowned for being highly innovative, for its R&D as well as its excellent education system and for its flexibility and stability. But fierce global competition means that it’s never been easier for multinational corporations (MNCs) to relocate their most important value drivers.

How can Switzerland maintain its unique mix of flexibility and stability to continue to be a leading business location in today’s dynamic environment? Nobody knows the answer to this question better than senior executives of foreign-owned MNCs with international operations in Switzerland. So we asked them for their views.

Our comprehensive survey, conducted in association with the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce, IMD World Competitiveness Center and S-GE Switzerland Global Enterprises, sheds light on the transformational change needed to respond to evolving customer behaviors, disruptive technologies, regulatory developments and globalization. Enhancing the study’s insights are two expert opinion pieces on the economic importance of foreign-owned MNCs in Switzerland and Swiss competitiveness compared to other countries.


André Guedel, Senior Manager, Head of Business Development Tax

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