Real estate

Whether you’re relocating and need a family home or are considering buying a holiday home, we can support you with all tax, legal and regulatory matters. This includes clarifying possible legal restrictions on the acquisition of certain type of properties, reviewing the contracts and ensuring tax-efficient structuring. We also regularly advise families on large domestic or cross-border real estate investment projects. We’re experienced in advising our clients throughout the entire process, from strategy to negotiations.

Luxury goods

Owning a yacht, a private jet and unique works of art is a dream for many successful individuals. However, buying, holding and selling luxury goods requires careful consideration of the tax and legal structuring aspects. Once an asset has been purchased and ownership structures established, such structures need to be reviewed periodically. Relying on our global network, we will be able to assist you in setting up the right ownership structures, operating them and monitoring their effectiveness over time as applicable laws and personal circumstances change.


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to philanthropy and there are lots of options to weigh up. One of the key things is working out what’s important and where you want to place the focus of your philanthropy strategy. You also need to explore options for organizing your philanthropic activities, from direct giving to setting up your own charity. We can advise on designing and implementing the appropriate structure for your needs. If you already have a charitable trust or foundation, we can also assist you regarding all administrative and governance tasks. 

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