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Media Value Advisory

Media Value Advisory

KPMG works with organisations to help them navigate the changes and challenges in the media, publishing and advertising industries, and build value.

KPMG helps organisations navigate challenges in media, publishing and advertising.

KPMG’s Media Value Advisory team works with advertisers, publishers and agencies to both address and adapt to the challenges and opportunities presented in this complex environment. Part of the firm’s rapidly growing Customer, Brand & Marketing Advisory business, the team will provide independent, informed and optimised investment advice across the entire media value chain.

With Australian advertising spend valued at over $15bn, the media value chain is more important than it has ever been. KPMG Media Value Advisory is responding to a global need – helping to make the media value chain more efficient for everyone.

Across Sydney and Melbourne, KPMG’s Media Value Advisory will help clients face a number of issues including dealing with technology changes, disintermediation and measurement. It will also help clients understand how to optimise revenue streams and maximise return on investment. Clients will include large Australian and international organisations including advertisers and publishers and media and creative agencies.

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