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KPMG Connected Enterprise

KPMG Connected Enterprise

Creating a customer-centric, digitally enabled business

Creating a customer-centric, digitally enabled business

Today’s companies are in a battle for growth – and it begins and ends with the customer.

Today’s digital world is vastly different than it was just a few short years ago. Advances in disruptive technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning are dramatically changing the way we do business – and the way customers make decisions.

However, fragmented digital infrastructure and lack of alignment between front, middle and back office functions – from customer service, to supply chain and operations and HR and IT - can impact the ability for organizations to deliver seamless customer experience and drive growth as a 21st century enterprise.

Almost 50% of CEOs* believe they need to align their front, middle and back office functions to be able to deliver customer-centricity and ultimately achieve growth. They need to become a connected enterprise.

KPMG has identified eight fundamental capabilities that will help you align your organization and become connected.

*Source: Disrupt and Grow, 2017 CEO Outlook, KPMG International.


The eight capabilities of a connected enterprise

KPMG-commissioned research by Forrester revealed that the most successful organizations invest in eight capabilities (PDF 49KB) that span all attributes of the customer experience, resulting in a connected organization that goes beyond cross-channel interactions.

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