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Our data-driven platforms

Our data-driven platforms

Data-powered platforms

While no two organizations face the same challenges, there are often similarities. And in today’s fast changing environment, it is all about speed and scale. That is why we have created a suite of proprietary platforms  help our professionals deliver on their clients’ diverse needs. 


Organizations around the world have better access to data than ever before, yet they also grapple with an increasingly complex analytics landscape, struggling to turn data into insights that can inform concrete business decisions. 

As an integrated platform run on a subscription-based model, KPMG Sofy offers advanced, customizable and ready-to-use analytics solutions that allow companies to make better business choices, manage risk, and improve overall performance.

Accessible anywhere via the cloud, KPMG Sofy delivers in-depth insights in real-time through notifications and alerts, making data easy to monitor, evaluate and mobilize. Developed by a deeply experienced global team of professionals, KPMG Sofy takes advantage of today’s leading technology components and is designed with security at its core, so organizations can trust their information is being safeguarded.

KPMG Sofy means you are not alone. From installation and implementation through to measurement, KPMG member firms are always available to provide around-the-clock, end-to-end support. And once the system is up and running, our network is also available to offer ongoing advice and guidance to optimize data analytics and achieve business objectives, now and in the future. 

For more information about KPMG Sofy, visit the product website.

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KPMG Ignite

KPMG Ignite is a portfolio of artificial intelligence capabilities. This includes integrated open-source tools and frameworks along with technologies developed by KPMG professionals through research and experimentation. At its core, KPMG Ignite ingests various types of data components from different sources and applies AI-based automation patterns to create intelligent workflows to solve business problems. The automation patterns each cover an AI capability, from sentiment analysis, text classification to image to text and many more.

Key ways KPMG Ignite drives value

  • Increases accuracy through 100 percent sampling rates
  • Reduces development time and costs
  • Enables more consistent human inputs
  • Audit logs increase transparency.

Learn more about KPMG Ignite.

KPMG Signals Repository

Unlike older traditional models of big data analysis for a business, which relied on targeted sampling and applying insights gained from small amounts of data to the whole, KPMG believes in finding value in the data. That means better accuracy, but it also raises a new challenge for organizations: a constantly growing dataset.

KPMG can help organizations overcome this hurdle with our Signals Repository, an integrated, active set of over 10,000 data sources. These include the typical social, local and mobile signals, but also incorporates demographic, geographic and economic sources. The repository is constantly curated for quality and impact and is based on the latest decision science.

This allows us to build models that use a rich collection of variables to improve outcomes for our clients. 

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