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Trade & Customs

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TaxNewsFlash-Trade & Customs

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January 2021

Jan 29 - CBP focus on “direct business connection” with entities in Xinjiang region

Jan 29 - U.S. trade court: Challenge to Section 232 steel “derivatives” tariff by importer of steel nails

Jan 29 - UAE: Suspension of customs declarations expires January 31, 2021 (COVID-19)

Jan 27 - U.S company to pay $540,000 to settle violations, telecommunications equipment destined for Russia

Jan 26 - Delayed effective date of U.S. “aluminum import monitoring and analysis system”

Jan 22 - Biden Administration’s temporary freeze on U.S. regulations, implications for trade-related guidance

Jan 21 - Updated FAQs on U.S. export controls for military end-use in China, Russia, Venezuela

Jan 19 - U.S. presidential proclamation, large residential washers and washer parts

Jan 15 - U.S. controls to bar support of foreign military-intelligence, weapons of mass destruction activities

Jan 15 - U.S. findings, Section 301 investigation of Vietnam’s currency valuation policies and practices

Jan 14 - U.S. findings from investigations of digital services taxes in Austria, Spain, United Kingdom

Jan 14 - U.S. final rule, Hong Kong-related sanctions regulations

Jan 14 - U.S. to detain cotton and tomato products, Uyghur forced labor in China

Jan 14 - Indonesian company to pay $1 million to settle violations of North Korea sanctions regulations

Jan 13 - Canada and UK announce trade restrictions, response to forced labor in China’s Xinjiang region

Jan 7 - Additional customs duties on imports from France suspended, digital services tax investigation

Jan 7 - U.S. findings from investigations of digital services taxes in India, Italy, Turkey

Jan 7 - Overview of free trade agreement between UK and EU

Jan 6 - EU removes UK territories from registered export (REX) system dates of application

Jan 5 - Additional U.S. customs duties effective January 6, 2021; response to French digital services tax

December 2020

Dec 31 - U.S. modified tariffs on EU products, response to large civil aircraft dispute

Dec 30 - U.S. legislation concerns foreign trade zones, merchandise processing fee refunds, other items under USMCA

Dec 30 - California technology company agrees to settle various sanctions violations

Dec 28 - CBP guidance regarding U.S. aluminum import license program

Dec 28 - U.S. tariff provisions in 2018 legislation set to expire December 31, 2020

Dec 23 - U.S. product exclusion extensions, Section 301 action concerning medical-care products from China (COVID-19)

Dec 22 - U.S. final rules: Military end-user, updated list; Hong Kong removed as separate destination

Dec 21 - Brexit-related customs considerations for businesses in Northern Ireland

Dec 16 - China: First "zero-tariff" product list for Hainan free trade port

Dec 16 - EU: Rules of origin measures under pan-Euro-Mediterranean region trade agreements

Dec 15 - Status of regulations: Excepting merchandise subject to Section 301 duties from “de minimis exemption”

Dec 14 - USTR request for comments for 2021 “special 301” review of IP protections

Dec 11 - Kazakhstan: Launch of “pilot project” regarding consignment notes for goods

Dec 10 - Katherine Tai to be U.S. Trade Representative

Dec 10 - UK statement on large civil aircraft dispute, USTR response

Dec 10 - U.S. interim final rule revising Section 232 tariff exclusions process for steel and aluminum imports

Dec 8 - Australia: Legislative proposal to clarify tariff classification of vitamins, nutraceuticals, food supplements

Dec 7 - EU: Sint Maarten satisfied pre-requisites for application of registered export (REX) system

Dec 7 - India: Shift in focus of trade policy, import substitution and domestic value addition

Dec 1 - UAE: Dubai Customs offers 80% discount on customs penalties (COVID-19)

October 2020

Oct 30 - U.S. presidential proclamation, confirming duty-free treatment of aluminum imports from Canada

Oct 30 - EU: Combined Nomenclature for 2021

Oct 26 - EU considers countermeasures against United States in large civilian aircraft dispute

Oct 23 - U.S. amendment to Cuban assets control regulations

Oct 23 - Panama: Reporting relief for companies registered in the Panama-Pacific Area

Oct 20 - Turkey: Amendment to customs regulation for certificates of origin

Oct 20 - U.S. holding company to pay $4 million to settle violations of Iranian sanction regulations

Oct 19 - Exporters can request six-month extensions of BIS licenses

Oct 19 - France: Digital services tax to be paid in December 2020; no response from USTR

Oct 19 - UK: Plans for sea, air and rail bids for “freeport” status

Oct 16 - Nigeria: Starting date for export expansion grant claims is 19 October

Oct 15 - Brexit and possible customs implications for EU companies

Oct 15 - Persian Gulf countries join transport convention (TIR Convention)

Oct 14 - U.S. presidential proclamation, imports of certain crystalline silicon photovoltaic (CSPV) cells

Oct 13 - WTO decision in large civilian aircraft dispute; EU countermeasures against United States 

Oct 8 - U.S. procedures, relief relating to steel articles imported from Brazil (Section 232 action)

Oct 7 - USTR requests for comments, “Section 301” investigations of Vietnam

Oct 7 - Mexico: Labeling requirements for importers of prepackaged food, non-alcoholic beverages

Oct 6 - USTR amendments to product exclusions and product exclusion extensions (imports from China)

Oct 6 - KPMG report: Shipping and offshore update (October 2020)

Oct 5 - USTR launches Section 301 investigation of Vietnam timber and currency undervaluation 

Oct 2 - U.S. product exclusions extended, imports from China

Oct 1 - U.S. company to pay $5.86 million to settle Cuban sanction violations

July 2020

Jul 31 - Free trade agreement between EU and Vietnam

Jul 31 - United States suspends BIS license exceptions for Hong Kong

Jul 29 - U.S. product exclusion extensions, imports from China

Jul 28 - Canada: Fee increase for imported vehicles, August 2020

Jul 28 - United States: No extension of duration of ITAR licenses, agreements (COVID-19)

Jul 28 - U.S. company agrees to settle Iran sanctions violations by foreign subsidiaries

Jul 22 - U.S. notice of product exclusions, imports from China

Jul 22 - U.S. Treasury’s updated FAQs on Ukraine and Russia

Jul 21 - U.S. arms embargo concerning Central African Republic

Jul 20 - EU: More time for countries to comply with REX system, origin of goods certification (COVID-19)

Jul 20 - U.S. determination of textiles, apparel imported from Mali

Jul 16 - USTR considering product exclusion extensions, comments requested (imports from China)

Jul 15 - U.S. notice of amendments to product exclusions (imports from China)

Jul 15 - U.S. trade court: Presidential proclamation on tariffs on Turkish steel violated statute; refunds allowed

Jul 14 - U.S. investigation of French digital services tax; additional 25% customs duties suspended until January 2021

Jul 14 - U.S. product exclusions regarding imports from China

Jul 14 - Australia: Tariff classification, differences between English and French versions of Harmonized Convention

Jul 13 - CBP to accept electronic phytosanitary certificates through September 2020 (COVID-19)

Jul 10 - CBP reminder of approaching end of postponed deadlines for customs duties, fees (COVID-19)

Jul 9 - U.S. exclusion requests, extended through 1 September 2020 (imports from China)

Jul 2 - Federal Circuit: Tariff classification of computer cover

April 2020

Apr 30 - United States: Changes to ITAR requirements for renewals, remote workers (COVID-19)

Apr 29 - USTR requests, Chinese product exclusions under “Section 301” actions

Apr 29 - USTR “special 301 report” on counterfeiting and piracy

Apr 28 - EU and Mexico conclude negotiations for new trade agreement

Apr 28 - Trade agreement between Canada, Mexico, United States enters into force July 1, 2020

Apr 27 - Turkey: Changes to rules for “certificate of origin” submissions

Apr 27 - UAE: Customs duty refund opportunities (Dubai)

Apr 27 - Updated FAQs on PPE exports from United States

Apr 27 - U.S. rules concerning CCL and military end-use exports

Apr 20 - United States: Relief relating to deposits of estimated customs duties, taxes, fees (COVID-19)

Apr 20 - United States: Reminder of sanctions compliance requirements (COVID-19)

Apr 16 - United States: OFAC “fact sheet” on humanitarian assistance and trade (COVID-19)

Apr 14 - Costa Rica: Exports of certain products restricted (COVID-19)

Apr 14 - United States: New COVID-19 relief imports web portal

Apr 10 - KPMG report: Customs measures in response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Apr 9 - United States: Exports of personal protective equipment restricted (COVID-19)

Apr 6 - EU: Customs duties and VAT waived, imported medical equipment (COVID-19)

Apr 3 - South Africa: Defining “days” during lockdown for customs purposes (COVID-19)

Apr 1 - Qatar: Customs duty exemption for food, medical equipment (COVID-19)

March 2020

Mar 31 - Australia: Temporary export control, personal protective equipment (COVID-19)

Mar 31 - United States: CBP drawback processing update (COVID-19)

Mar 31 - United States: Personal protective equipment, required data for imports (COVID-19)

Mar 27 - USTR special trade exclusion requests FAQs (COVID-19) 

Mar 26 - Netherlands: Customs relief in response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Mar 26 - UAE: Customs duty refunds, customs relief in Dubai (COVID-19)

Mar 25 - EU: Standards for manufacturers of medical devices (COVID-19)

Mar 23 - U.S. customs duties on medical-care products from China, related to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Mar 23 - World Customs Organization: Medical supply classification guide (COVID-19)

Mar 16 - EU: Export authorization, supplies of personal protective equipment (COVID-19)

Mar 16 - U.S. additional product exclusions, Section 301 action concerning imports from China

Mar 11 - Federal Circuit: Redelivery and seizure of imports for counterfeit certification marks

Mar 11 - Updates to U.S. tariff schedule; changes to tariffs on imports from EU, China

Mar 6 - U.S. humanitarian assistance relating to coronavirus in Iran (FAQ)

Mar 6 - USTR grant of exclusions from additional customs duty, imports from China

Mar 5 - Cambodia: Online portal for registering investment projects and related imported materials and machinery

Mar 5 - Malaysia: Service tax on imported services, policy updates

Mar 5 - U.S. investigation continues, difluoromethane (R-32) from China

Mar 2 - China: Goods imported from United States, process for exclusion from tariffs

February 2020

Feb 28 - Brazil: Economic agreement with Paraguay, incentives for automotive sector

Feb 28 - Dominican Republic: Customs valuation to include royalties; tariff-free treatment for agricultural items

Feb 28 - U.S. investigation continues, vertical shaft engines from China

Feb 28 - U.S. notice of 2020 GSP annual review, deadline for filing petitions

Feb 27 - U.S. Defense Department’s report, foreign attempts to acquire U.S. technology illegally

Feb 26 - Swiss company to settle terrorism-sanction regulatory violations for $8 million

Feb 25 - Update on U.S.-China “phase one” agreement (agricultural products)

Feb 25 - U.S. finds no “material injury,” fabricated structural steel imports from Canada, China, Mexico

Feb 24 - China allows direct delivery of imported auto parts

Feb 24 - USTR grants additional exclusion, products imported from China

Feb 21 - U.S. FAQs on OFAC reporting, procedure and penalty rules

Feb 21 - U.S. investigation of wood mouldings, millwork products from Brazil and China

Feb 19 - U.S. notice of products from China excluded from additional customs duties

Feb 18 - Australia-Indonesia trade agreement, follow-up

Feb 18 - China waiving import duties on certain emergency vehicles, medical supplies

Feb 17 - U.S. increased tariffs on civil aircraft imported from EU

Feb 14 - Airline entity agrees to pay $700,000 to settle EAR anti-boycott violations

Feb 14 - Costa Rica: Free trade zone, clarifications on treatment of domestic sales

Feb 13 - Australia: Free trade agreement with Peru enters into force

Feb 12 - UK: Brexit-related grants available for customs training, IT improvements, new staff

Feb 12 - USTR notice to grant additional exclusions on products from China

Feb 12 - Canada: Clarifying proof-of-report requirements for exporters and carriers

Feb 11 - Federal Circuit: Determining products are made in United States, when ingredients come from other countries

Feb 10 - USTR notice updating list of countries designated as developing or least-developed

Feb 7 - Australia: Decision in long-running tariff classification dispute (High Court of Australia)

Feb 7 - India: Harmonized system codes for importers and exporters

Feb 6 - Canada: Ratification process begins, trade agreement with United States, Mexico

Feb 5 - Colombia: New import declaration rules for “free zones” operators

Feb 4 - U.S. product exclusions, imports from China

Feb 4 - USTR considers extending exclusions, Section 301 investigation of China

2019 Articles

December 2019

Dec 30 - United States: Craft beverage excise tax provisions extended through 2020; wine credit transfers

Dec 27 - Dominican Republic: Customs rules for shipping, exporting merchandise

Dec 20 - Thailand: New transfer pricing disclosure form may increase customs valuation risk

Dec 19 - Netherlands: Enhanced focus on customs value, goods classification, U.S. products

Dec 19 - U.S. implementing legislation for USMCA

Dec 16 - Canada: Update on trade agreement with United States, Mexico

Dec 16 - EU: Customs data model version 5.1

Dec 16 - U.S. blanket authorization for year-end immediate delivery

Dec 16 - U.S. notices; products from China excluded from additional customs duties

Dec 13 - U.S. trade agreement with China

Dec 12 - Canada: Year-end checklist for transfer pricing and customs preparation

Dec 12 - USTR ends action against EU for meat, meat products

Dec 12 - U.S. company found in violation of terrorism sanctions regulations

Dec 12 - U.S. findings, polyester textured yarn imported from China and India

Dec 10 - U.S. congressional agreement reached, United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)

Dec 9 - U.S. insurance companies agree to settle Cuban sanction regulations

Dec 6 - EU: Updated list of countries, registered exporter system (REX)

Dec 6 - U.S. investigation continues, forged steel fittings from India, Korea

Dec 2 - U.S. conclusions, trade-related investigation of France’s digital services tax

Dec 2 - WTO panel rejects EU claims in large civil aircraft dispute

November 2019

Nov 27 - U.S. trade-related report on France’s digital services tax expected next week

Nov 27 - U.S. sanctions on transactions with Iran, FAQs

Nov 22 - EC proposal, agreement with United States for country-of-origin conformity assessment, industrial products

Nov 22 - U.S. determinations, stainless-steel kegs from China and Germany; fresh tomatoes from Mexico

Nov 21 - U.S. rule, Venezuela sanction regulations, orders

Nov 20 - U.S. determination, aluminum wire and cable from China

Nov 19 - Netherlands: Re-defined “exporter” rule postponed to 1 April 2020

Nov 19 - U.S. determination, mattresses imported from China

Nov 19 - U.S. notice, results of 2019 annual GSP review

Nov 15 - U.S. determination, carbon and alloy steel-threaded rod imported from Thailand

Nov 15 - U.S. determinations of polyester textured yarn imported from China, India

Nov 14 - China to lift ban on U.S. poultry exports

Nov 14 - U.S. determination, acetone imported from Singapore and Spain

Nov 14 - U.S. investigation of forged steel fittings from India and Korea

Nov 13 - EU-Singapore free trade agreement enters into force 21 November 2019

Nov 12 - U.S. investigation of China as part of Section 301 action; new product exclusions

Nov 8 - U.S. company’s GSP duty-free claim and protest denied, not timely filed

Nov 8 - U.S. investigation of ceramic tile imported from China

Nov 8 - U.S. investigations of file cabinets, glass containers imported from China

Nov 7 - U.S. company to pay $210,000 to settle Sudanese sanctions violations

Nov 6 - EU: Combined Nomenclature for 2020

Nov 6 - U.S. investigation of collated steel staples from China

Nov 1 - Indonesia: VAT and duty relief for certain imports of goods

Nov 1 - Nigeria: Electronic reporting for exports

August 2019

Aug 29 - USTR request for comments, increased customs duties on imports from China

Aug 29 - U.S. Munitions List, Category XI (adjustment of controls for lower performing radar)

Aug 29 - Canada: Enhanced monitoring of aluminum and steel imports

Aug 27 - USTR adds 5% to tariffs on imports from China (Federal Register notice)

Aug 26 - Amendments to U.S. rules, allowing disclosures related to suspected counterfeit trademarks

Aug 23 - U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports to increase by 5%

Aug 20 - U.S. findings, steel racks imported from China

Aug 19 - Norway: Proposed simplified customs process for low-value shipments

Aug 19 - USTR notice, additional 10% customs duties on imports from China

Aug 19 - U.S. Commerce adds Huawei affiliates to Entity List, and issues temporary general license

Aug 19 - U.S. trade-related hearing of France’s digital services tax

Aug 14 - U.S. determination, refillable stainless steel kegs imported from Mexico

Aug 14 - U.S. investigation of corrosion-resistant steel products

Aug 13 - U.S. adds 10% tariff on $300 billion of Chinese imports (effective September 1, 2019)

Aug 13 - U.S. proposed regulations: Customs broker verification of importer’s identity

Aug 12 - U.S. test of Section 321 low-valued shipments via ACE

Aug 9 - U.S. customs user fee changes, effective October 2019

Aug 8 - U.S. countervailing duty investigation, cabinets and vanities from China

Aug 6 - U.S. notice, more products from China excluded from additional 25% customs duty

Aug 6 - U.S. company agrees to pay $1.7 million to settle Iranian trade violations

Aug 6 - U.S. general licenses, FAQs related to trade with Venezuela

Aug 6 - Colombia: New customs measures effective August 2019

Aug 2 - U.S. determination on steel threaded rod imported from Thailand

Aug 2 - U.S. findings on imported steel trailer wheels from China

Aug 2 - U.S. reaches agreement with EU on U.S. beef exports

Aug 1 - U.S. officials allege Chinese company schemed to avoid $1.8 billion in anti-dumping duties on aluminum imports

July 2019

Jul 30 - U.S. notice, products from China excluded from additional 25% customs duty

Jul 29 - Australia: Due diligence concerning timber and timber-product imports

Jul 26 - Canada: Proposed methods to address price distortions concerning steel imports

Jul 26 - Thailand: Customs voluntary disclosure program extended to 30 April 2020

Jul 26 - U.S. trade court: Tariff classification of printed circuit assemblies

Jul 26 - U.S. trade court: Tariff classification of showerheads imported from China

Jul 25 - Japan: Export controls for certain goods destined for South Korea

Jul 19 - Japan: Import requirements clarified under economic partnership agreement with EU

Jul 19 - U.S. investigation, steel racks imported from China

Jul 18 - U.S. investigation, steel propane cylinders from China and Thailand

Jul 12 - EU: Trade agreement with Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay)

Jul 10 - USTR launches Section 301 investigation of France’s proposed digital services tax

Jul 9 - Tariff classification of bicycle child carriers (U.S. trade court decision)

Jul 9 - U.S. investigations, fabricated structural steel from Canada, China, Mexico

Jul 9 - Africa: Free trade agreement for African continent

Jul 9 - Australia: Tariff concession order denied, “substitutable goods” at issue

Jul 8 - USTR notice, more Chinese imports excluded from additional duties (Section 301 action)

Jul 5 - United States initiates WTO dispute against Indian duties on U.S. imports

Jul 3 - EU, Vietnam finalize trade and investment agreements

Jul 3 - U.S. investigations concerning imports of magnesium, steel wheels, steel products

Jul 2 - U.S. requirements for electronic reporting of exports, arrivals, diversions

Jul 2 - U.S. supplemental list of products; additional duties pursuant to EU aircraft dispute

May 2019

May 31 - U.S. proposal for tariffs on all goods from Mexico

May 30 - U.S. guidance for free trade zones; steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico

May 30 - U.S. guidelines for distributions of antidumping or countervailing duties

May 30 - U.S. determination about imports of mattresses from China

May 30 - U.S. investigation of stainless steel kegs from China, Germany, Mexico

May 24 - U.S. countervailing duty proposed rule changes, subsidy in the form of currency undervaluation

May 22 - U.S. final rule, dual-use goods and technologies

May 22 - U.S. customs duties on imports from China, liquidation extension requests

May 21 - U.S. customs duty update, steel imports from Turkey

May 20 - U.S. guidelines for imports of steel, aluminum from Canada, Mexico

May 17 - United States removes Turkey from GSP list

May 17 - U.S. findings of quartz surface products imported from China

May 16 - U.S. proposed additional 25% tariffs on $300 billion worth of imports from China

May 15 - CBP guidance: Product exclusions from 25% duty, imports from China

May 15 - CBP reminder, air cargo advance screening program

May 15 - Russia: Required documentation about safety standards, testing of imports

May 14 - China: Additional tariffs on $60 billion worth of U.S. imports

May 13 - U.S. tariffs on imports from China

May 10 - Argentina: VAT rate increase for certain imports; increased import fee

May 10 - Canada: Customs audits, importers of all goods subject to surtax

May 10 - Indonesia: VAT rate of 0% extended for additional export services

May 9 - CBP process for additional 25% customs duty, imports from China

May 8 - U.S. sanctions on iron, steel, aluminum, copper from Iran 

May 8 - U.S. additional tariffs on imports from China to increase to 25% (effective May 10, 2019)

May 6 - U.S. investigation, magnesium imported from Israel

May 2 - U.S. company pays $870,000 to settle sanctions violations

May 2 - U.S. framework for complying with sanctions programs (OFAC)

May 2 - U.S. investigation of ceramic tile imported from China

May 2 - Federal Circuit: Tariff classification of imported sausage casings

May 1 - U.S. action on laminated woven sacks imported from Vietnam (ITC determination)

April 2019

Apr 30 - EU: Dispute resolution tribunal under free trade agreement with Canada upheld (CJEU opinion)

Apr 30 - U.S. countervailing duty investigations, polyester textured yarn from China, India

Apr 29 - Federal Circuit: Santa suit items excluded from tariff classification as “festive articles”

Apr 26 - U.S. final determinations, imports of glycine from China, India, Japan

Apr 26 - Federal Circuit: Wharfage and tonnage fees dispute between CBP and Virgin Islands

Apr 25 - U.S. annual “special 301 report” on protecting intellectual property rights

Apr 25 - U.S. company settles violations of Ukraine sanctions

Apr 24 - U.S. industry injured by steel wheels imported from China, ITC finds

Apr 19 - CBP instructions, exclusions of imports from China under Section 301

Apr 18 - ITC report, “likely impact” of United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)

Apr 18 - U.S. arms regulations amended; exemption for government agency transfers

Apr 18 - WTO panel report, Chinese tariff rate quotas on agricultural imports

Apr 17 - EU preliminary list of U.S. products considered for aircraft dispute-related countermeasures

Apr 17 - U.S. imports from China, products excluded from Section 301 action (USTR notice)

Apr 16 - U.S. investigation findings, steel wheels imported from China

Apr 15 - Indonesia: Regulations on VAT and customs duty on e-commerce transactions, withdrawn

Apr 9 - USTR proposes EU products for tariff countermeasures under Section 301, response to EU aircraft subsidies

Apr 9 - Federal Circuit: Tariff classification of imported hand tools; trade court’s decision affirmed

Apr 9 - U.S. findings on imports of rubber bands from Thailand

Apr 9 -  WTO panel decision, U.S. dumping duties on Canadian lumber

Apr 9 - China: Dutiable royalties must be declared to China Customs within 30 days after payment

Apr 8 - U.S. investigation findings, laminated woven sacks from Vietnam

Apr 3 - ITC determinations, large-diameter welded pipe from Canada, Greece, Korea, Turkey

Apr 3 - U.S. investigation findings, aluminum wire and cable imported from China

Apr 2 - CBP procedures for implementing alcoholic beverage import measures

Apr 1 - Commerce CVD investigation of refillable stainless steel kegs from China

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