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KPMG and Google

KPMG and Google Cloud

KPMG and Google Cloud

Transform customer experience

Businesses are operating in a time of unprecedented technological change. KPMG and Google Cloud work together to transform them for the digital age, and enhance the customer experiences they provide. 

Our certified Google Cloud experts will give you access to the latest innovative technologies, enabling you to: 

  • Build a truly customer-centric enterprise 
  • Address your specific business challenges 
  • Meet your strategic objectives 

Our solutions

Our alliance with Google Cloud offers you the opportunity to overhaul your customer service and operations, by embracing secure cloud computing. 

Together, we’ll develop a technology landscape that’s customised to your business bringing you the full power of technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), enterprise mobility and advanced analytics. 

Cognitive technologies

KPMG Intelligent Interactions redesigns, automates and improves your customer interactions and business processes, using ML and robotic process automation. 

Meanwhile, our Cognitive Contract Management tool helps maximise the value of your business relationships, by bringing the benefits of ML and advanced analytics to your contract lifecycle management procedures.

Data and analytics

In the digital era, data and analytics should underpin your customer service operation and your customer data processing. 

Our purpose-built data and analytics solutions combine the advantages of: 

  • KPMG's domain, regulation, compliance and technological expertise 
  • The Google Cloud platform 
  • Google’s advanced ML, data management and analytics products

Our data solutions give you a single customer view, end-to-end modelling capabilities, expert legal and compliance support, and secure infrastructures. 

This allows you to: 

  • Boost customer service quality 
  • Forge a strong data management and privacy strategy 
  • Ensure robust GDPR compliance  
  • Streamline data compliance processes 
  • Reduce costs

A powerful combination

KPMG’s alliance with Google Cloud leverages the following technologies and market-leading expertise: 

  • The Google Cloud Platform – as part of the KPMG Ignite portfolio of AI capabilities 
  • The deep technical knowledge of our certified Google Cloud consultants 
  • The KPMG Lighthouse Center of Excellence for Data & Analytics and Intelligent Automation – which fosters experimentation and collaboration with Google Cloud 

Please note: not all of the services and solutions described on this page may be available to KPMG audit clients, or to their affiliates or other related entities.


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