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Getting valuation in restructuring right

Valuations in restructuring are often delicate and hotly contested due to the stakeholders’ conflicting interests. Since the business is often in distress, and there are significant uncertainties to achieve a successful turnaround, valuation of distressed companies typically requires both quantitative and subjective adjustments to traditional valuation methodologies.

These adjustments reflect the different context in which the valuation is being prepared and in particular, take into consideration the position of the borrower, the reasons for distress, the status of the distressed company, among other factors, to determine turnaround prospects. Hence, valuations require significant judgement on the part of the valuation practitioner.

With our knowledge of the relevant M&A market appetite and experience, we understand complex deal structuring options to provide you strategic insight for restructuring decisions. Our experts can provide you expertise in every aspect of restructuring — planning, strategic options review, valuation and disputes.

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Our valuation in restructuring services

We provide reliable end-to-end support to clients during a possibly challenging phase of the business.

Strategic options review

We help you understand the value component in different strategic options, including significant repositioning and exit options.

Formal valuation opinions

Robust valuation advice and strategic disposal options for lenders, companies and administrators in connection with Independent Business Reviews and independent valuation opinions.

Asset and complex debt instrument valuation

In a wind-down scenario, we help you evaluate assets with potential significant value. Benefit from ready access to local real estate experts within the Global Valuations Network in all your major locations.

Restructuring as per the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020

The use of the Restructuring Plan is expected to be an area for litigation for creditors. We can help determine the appropriate relevant alternative and creditor or shareholder value.

Valuations in dispute

Where restructuring transactions lead to a commercial dispute, we have extensive experience of providing expert witness evidence across a range of dispute resolution processes. In addition, we can offer a robust combination of technical forensic accounting, valuation expertise, and real-world deal and restructuring experience. [LINK]

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