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KPMG Powered Enterprise

KPMG Powered Enterprise

Powered Enterprise helps prepare your business for the future. The outcome-driven functional transformation solution combines deep functional knowledge, proven delivery capability and cloud technologies to drive sustainable change, rising performance and lasting value. 

With KPMG Powered Enterprise, your tomorrow looks powerful

With Powered Enterprise, we can help you answer critical questions including: 

  • How do I drive better functional performance? 
  • How do I help our people embrace new ways of working? 
  • How do I ensure our processes are future-ready? 

Powered Enterprise allows you to tap straight into advanced organizational design, leading technology, processes and operating models. It builds on decades of experience and investment in business processes and technology applications. 

As your roadmap to top-decile performance, it provides rapid ROI and a confident route to the new digital reality. 

Leading practice in one place

Introducing Powered Enterprise across functions


Unlock your procurement potential

Make procurement a driver of change and innovation, and a more agile business function.

  • KPMG Powered Procurement goes far beyond improving cost efficiencies. Our approach will help jump-start your procurement transformation, allowing you to:
  • Create an agile and integrated operation.
  • Drive continual change.
  • Enhance business value.

What you get with Powered Procurement:

  • A unified operating model.
  • Simplified and consistent processes.
  • Tried and tested data and analytics solutions.
  • Access to leading procurement experience, practices and technologies that help reduce implementation risks.
  • Help achieve greater return on your investment in procurement transformation.

Imagine your procurement function with:

Down60% shorter invoice processing cycles

UpFirst-pass match rates up by 52% for PO-backed invoices

Sales & Service

Simplify B2B sales

Help ensure your sales staff do the right thing for clients at the right time

  • KPMG Powered Sales & Service can transform how front-office teams work – especially in complex and regulated markets. It can give you the ability to:
  • Improve client win and retention rates.
  • Reduce the burden on your relationship managers.
  • Use data-driven insight to sell more – to existing and potential clients.
  • Actively service a larger client base.

What you get with Powered Sales & Service:

  • Agile and effective client-servicing practices.
  • Access to leading sales and service experience, technologies and processes that help reduce implementation risks.
  • Help achieve greater return on your investment in front-office transformation.

Imagine your front office with:

Up89% increase in customer retention

Up20% more customer coverage

Down25% customer attrition reduction

DownLower cost of sale

Information Technology

IT. Enabled.

Transforming your IT service management can give your technology function a competitive edge.

  • With KPMG Powered IT, you can create customer-centric IT services that respond intuitively to changing business requirements. Our solution can enable you to:
  • Rapidly deliver an agile IT function.
  • Align IT service management (ITSM) with business needs.
  • Capitalise on emerging technologies.
  • Support your wider organisational transformation.

What you get with Powered IT:

  • An IT infrastructure that’s fit for the digital world.
  • Accelerated adoption of leading technologies and ITSM practices that help reduce implementation risks thanks.
  • More effective problem resolution – helping to drive better customer satisfaction.
  • Help achieve greater return on your investment in IT transformation.

Imagine your IT function with:

TickEnhanced IT support automation

UpMore resource dedicated to strategic priorities

DownFewer legacy ITSM apps

Human Resources

Transform the value of your people

Deliver tomorrow’s workforce today.

  • Reshape your workforce for the digital economy. KPMG Powered HR offers you the ability to:
  • Design your workforce based on robust data.
  • Equip your HR function with the latest digital technologies.
  • Empower your people to deliver more value.

What you get with Powered HR:

  • A platform for consistent, engaging and employee-centric services.
  • Access to leading HR experience, practices and processes that help reduce implementation and operational risks.
  • Help achieve greater return on your investment in HR transformation.

Imagine your HR function with:

Down40% less cost when you move to the cloud

DownReturn on your cloud investment in 12-18 months

Enterprise Performance Management

Next-level performance management

Take a different approach to EPM.

  • KPMG Powered EPM provides a robust performance management platform for the future. Our solution will help you to:
  • Align your performance measures with business strategy.
  • Simplify your forecasting process.
  • Free up the finance function to focus on analysing business performance.
  • Link forecasts to the individual owners responsible for delivering results.
  • Give your business the agility to thrive in the digital era.

What you get with Powered EPM:

  • Integrated data for more accurate forecasts – based on predictions, not lagging indicators.
  • Access to leading EPM experience, practices and processes to help reduce implementation and operational risks.
  • Hep achieve greater return on your investment in EPM transformation.

Imagine your EPM with:

DownUp to 40% less cost

TickROI on digital transformation in just 12-18 months

Supply Chain Management

Manage supply in real time

Make your supply chain truly customer-centric.

  • Don’t let supply be the weak link in your digital transformation programme. KPMG Powered Supply Chain allows you to:
  • Align your supply chain to your customer experience.
  • Anticipate and resolve supply continuity problems.
  • Organise logistics around actual demand (not forecasts).
  • Enhance the value of your supply chain.

What you get with Powered Supply Chain:

  • An end-to-end supply chain function operating as one virtual organisation.
  • A transparent, accurate and real-time view of total demand and supply.
  • Access to leading supply management experience, practices and processes that help reduce implementation and operational risks.
  • Help achieve greater return on your investment in supply chain transformation.

Imagine your supply chain management with:

DownIncreased investment in agility through cloud services within 1-3 years

DownEnterprise-wide digital strategy adoption up by 52% within 3 years


Take finance into the digital age

Help future-proof your most vital function.

  • Give your all-important finance function the agility it needs in today’s – and tomorrow’s – market. KPMG Powered Finance enables finance teams to:
  • Overcome legacy technologies and embrace change.
  • Provide the insight and control to support wider business transformation.
  • Create a function that’s ready for the future.

What you get with Powered Finance:

  • Help gain more value from your data.
  • Access to the leading experience, practices and processes that help reduce implementation and operational risks.
  • Hep achieve greater return on your investment in Finance transformation.

Imagine your finance function with:

Down45% less general accounting costs

DownA 20% reduction in budgeting and forecasting costs

DownManual reconciliations down by half

What comes next is powered by KPMG.

KPMG has built up strategic alliances with the leading global technology, data and service companies. Our Powered Enterprise solution portfolio is underpinned by pioneering technology platforms from our alliance partners like Oracle, Workday and ServiceNow. Find out more about our technology alliances here.

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