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KPMG Makinson Cowell

KPMG Makinson Cowell

KPMG Makinson Cowell helps Boards to build the long-term trusted relationships with shareholders, key to the success of a business.

Helping Boards to build the long-term trusted relationships with shareholders.

How shareholders and investors perceive your company is key to its ability to secure capital and make progress on strategic goals. But do your directors really know how shareholders and investors view your company? KPMG Makinson Cowell can help you find the answers. Our analysis is designed to provide clear and precise insight into investor and shareholder perceptions, and lay a solid foundation for building positive, long-term relationships that support your strategic goals.

KPMG Makinson Cowell provides specialist advice to help your company manage and develop interactions with institutional investors and shareholders more effectively. With a track record stretching back over 25 years, we currently advise many UK companies in the FTSE100 and FTSE250, as well as mainland European, Australian and other listed companies.

Our market presence, relationships and expertise give us deep knowledge of the capital markets. 


Capital markets advice 

KPMG Makinson Cowell provides expert and confidential advice on investor-related matters. Our services, offered via a ‘retained advisor’ relationship, include advice on:

  • Potential investor reactions to strategy changes and governance issues
  • Strategy for investor relations programs, including identifying and targeting potential investors
  • Capital structure and transactions
  • Strategic communications to investors
We also provide:
  • Hands-on support for roadshows and investor presentations
  • In-depth analysis of the shareholder profile

We will work with you on a day-to-day basis, and through demanding events, to enable you to enhance your understanding of and interaction with current and future equity investors.

We will help your senior management team interpret developments in the capital markets as they relate to your business, and support your investor relations activities through analysis, review and advice on activities and communications.


Investor Study

KPMG Makinson Cowell’s Investor Study provides a broad-ranging, impartial assessment of how your investors perceive your company, what the reaction to future strategic moves might be, and how the directors can strengthen their relationships with shareholders and potential investors. We tailor our approach to reflect your current situation and strategic ambition.

Our investor study typically includes:

  • Detailed, non-attributable, qualitative interviews with institutional investors worldwide
  • A quantitative assessment of the company’s performance and valuation, in absolute terms and relative to peers and the capital markets
  • Analysis of the ownership of the company, with contextual comment
  • A review of the company’s investor relations program, with reference to a comparator group

An Investor Study helps to reinforce the direct relationship between your company’s board of directors and its institutional investors worldwide.

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