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Future-proofing the university

Future-proofing the university

A framework for thinking about how to future proof the University by looking at the current forces of disruption.

Justine Andrew

Market Director, Education

KPMG in the UK


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As the challenges facing universities increase, the time is now right for the UK’s Universities to build into their strategic thinking what the opportunities (and the threats) of collaboration, alliances, mergers or acquisitions could mean for your institutions.

We have developed a framework in which new commercial models can be considered and developed. The report covers:

  • Doing what you do more effectively: are there more effective commercial models to drive efficient delivery?
  • Downstream value chain: are there different way of reaching your student customers?
  • Upstream value chain: how are you set up to maximise research impact; employability and interaction with business?
  • Collaboration with other HEIs: are you stronger alone or combined with someone else?
  • Threat of substitutes: are you agile enough to counter the threat of new entrants and models?

Download our report to read more.

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