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All the right moves

All the right moves

Find out how we helped a technology leader change consumer thinking and grow market share.



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The market for personal computers never stands still, with new products driving consumer expectations constantly higher. In this evolving market, our client, a large information technology company, wanted to make their brand the preferred premium option.

To understand what was driving consumers’ decision making, we launched ongoing online research spanning over 20 countries. By targeting people planning to buy within the next three months and those who had bought in the three months before, we built a complete picture of the path to purchase.

Using sophisticated data analysis, we pinpointed the best opportunities to disrupt consumers’ thinking, and identified which channels and messaging to use with different groups to make them more likely to consider and choose our client.

With deep insight into what consumers are thinking at different points in the path to purchase, our client can now focus marketing spend for maximum impact. They are making all the right moves. Market data shows the company capturing a growing share of the premium market.


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