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From the start of our 150-year history, we’ve worked to deliver for our UK communities. It’s core to our Values. Today, we focus where the need is most acute and where we know we can make the biggest difference.


We're harnessing the power of education to drive opportunity for those from lower socio-economic backgrounds. We’re leading collaborative action on literacy, increasing numeracy levels across the UK and boosting wider essential skills to power social mobility and lifelong learning.

Strategic philanthropy

We strengthen charities and community groups. We support them with funds and expertise, so they can do more. We have a strong relationship with the NSPCC, as our colleagues’ chosen national charity, and we’re working with them to reach 450,000 young people across the UK. Our strategic pro-bono offering not only helps to support the NSPCC, but also offers professional skills and expertise to multi-sector organisations, in need of support.

Environment and sustainability

We’ve committed to becoming a Net Zero business by 2030. We work with our clients, suppliers and people to drive real and sustainable environmental change. Our focus is on taking climate action, promoting the circular economy, boosting biodiversity, engaging and influencing communities and driving sustainable procurement.

Our strategy in action