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IT’s Her Future

Here’s how it works

IT’s Her Future is an action group of committed male and female volunteers. Together, we’re taking on the internal and external obstacles which block the paths of women on their way to successful technology careers.

Our first area of focus was graduate recruitment. We revamped our recruitment process, looking beyond the traditional universities and technical courses for young women who might not otherwise have considered a career in technology.

Coming from a non-technology degree hasn’t been a limiting factor for me.

Helena, Technology Graduate Programme Class of 2015

We’ve also been changing how we hire more experienced people. We know people respond differently to job adverts and their terminology, so we now use standardised, inclusive job descriptions full of growth mindset language. This work is supported by outreach events, in which women interested in tech careers can hear insights from our leadership and receive one-to-one coaching from our employees.

This new approach is working. The proportion of women in our technology Consulting teams has risen from 26% in FY15 to 36% in FY18 (excluding Directors and Partners).

Attracting women to technology roles is only part of the challenge. We need to support and develop them after they join us. We provide mentors, networking opportunities and targeted training, as well as opportunities to serve as non-executive members of boards, even from a junior level.

But we want to push the movement out, beyond our firm, to focus more widely on developing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) talent at an early age. This year our Juniors programme welcomed nearly 50 Year 10 girls to technology work experience weeks at our offices, focusing on coding, design thinking and innovative tech challenges. By the end of the week, of those that completed our evaluation survey, 95% said they were now considering a career in technology.

We view technology and digital transformation as a huge opportunity to change the underlying patterns of how our workforce is built. We want everyone to know that our firm is a great place to build a career in technology.