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Building strategic

We promise to offer our clients the deepest digital expertise. To deliver this promise we work together with global technology giants.

Our established relationship with Microsoft is helping clients realise the value from cloud infrastructure, from data and analytics. And our alliances with Google, AWS and Alibaba are further strengthening our client digital offer.

Our global alliances are part of a long-term strategic commitment to collaborate with market-leading cloud technology, data and services companies.

We work together with our alliance partners, from inside our clients’ businesses and across their markets, to co-create solutions that address their most pressing business issues. Having these global alliances in place further enables us to serve the growing global needs of our clients, as we are able to offer a cross-border service with greater efficiency, consistency and impact.

We have established relationships with Coupa, Oracle, ServiceNow and Workday and together we help our clients quickly adopt digital workflows and transform their business functions.

Our approach is to build the best of our functional experience and insights into pre-configured solutions that constantly evolve and refresh through market and technology innovation.

Clients benefit from a proven set of solutions that are ready to work; the tools and approach for an accelerated and successful outcome; and the services and support to drive continuing evolution. For example, we’re working with Microsoft to transform the customer experience of an airline carrier: we’ve developed together a cloud-based solution that uses data insights to redesign the customer experience, helping to unlock growth and improve their return on investment.