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To face the challenges of the growing world population, water scarcity, climate change and scarcity of resources, we need to change the way we consume from linear towards circular. In our view this means preserving existing value, protecting the environment and make optimal use of resources, materials and products. This brings economic, as well as societal and environmental value.

Creating new and innovative business models and circular collaboration

The transition towards a circular economy requires system-wide innovation to decouple (economic) growth from resource consumption. The circular economy is not only a set of principles – it defines actual actions to respond to rising trends and needs. We support businesses to operate in an era of this systemic change.

KPMG supports with circular value creation

The concept of co-creation to develop futureproof strategies and business cases is one of the key elements to always keep in mind. This is where KPMG Sustainability brings added value. We help organizations with the development of a circular strategy and circular business models. We support in measuring, valuating and reporting on the impact of the circular value creation and the impact on even project- or product level. To connect the circular ecosystem, we participate in multiple initiatives and networks to fasten the transition to a circular economy.

We deliver three types of services:

  • Circular strategy & implementation support
  • Integrated reporting & circular impact metrics
  • Digital support on circularity


For more information about our Circular Economy services, please contact Arnoud Walrecht, director Sustainability.

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