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If your question is not listed, please contact us

Complaints procedure and whistleblower policy

Where can I submit a complaint or report (suspected) malpractice?
We offer high quality services to all our clients. Do you have a complaint or suggestion? You can submit your complaint or comment to us verbally or in writing. View our complaints procedure.

Reporting a data breach or vulnerability

Where can I report a data breach or vulnerability?
We attach great importance to maintaining the security of all our systems and data. We believe that good security is essential to maintaining the trust of all our customers and employees. As such, we strive to constantly improve our security.

Do you want to report a data breach or vulnerability? Send an e-mail to

Applying for a job, internship or vacancy

I'd like to work for KPMG, is that possible?
We are always on the lookout for talented people! We regularly have vacancies. View our vacancies site here.

What does the average application procedure look like?
Applying for a job can be scary, but a thorough preparation is half the battle. View our complete application procedure.


How can I request a sponsorship or partnership with KPMG?
Working on progress is in our DNA. It's the driving force that helps us solve complex issues. This is not just limited to the services we supply to our clients. We'd be happy to talk to you about what a sponsorship or partnership could look like. You'll find our contact details on this page.


I am a journalist and I have a question about a press release or report.
If you would like more information about our projects, publications or services or you have another KPMG-related question, please contact Jolanda Peek.


What is the KPMG alumni programme?
The alumni programme keeps you in touch with former colleagues and offers you support with the continuation of your career. It is a way to keep talking to, inspiring and supporting each other. For more information, visit our alumni page.

For more information about the alumni programme, please contact Ellen Netjes or Marcel van Spijk by e-mail.

Events and training courses

Which events and/or training courses do you offer?
KPMG supports organisations in improving their performance with events based around topical themes. We also offer a wide range of (annual) training courses.

View this page to attend an upcoming event and this one for training courses.


What is KPMG RAAD?
KPMG RAAD is a programme for supervisory board members, C-level and NextGen board members. The programme consists of a magazine and an online platform on which colleagues share their latest insights and experiences. As part of the RAAD programme, KPMG also organises various events that shed light on urgent issues for the boardroom.

For more information about the KPMG RAAD Board Programme, please contact Elle Eissens on +31 20 656 8690 or by e-mail.

About us

What do the letters KPMG mean?
The abbreviation KPMG stands for the first letters of the four founders: Piet Klynveld, William Barclay Peat, James Marwick and Reinhard Goerdeler. The stories behind KPMG’s genesis in the four original firms illustrate the rich history of our company and developments over the past century. Want to read more about our history? If so, view this page.

Which regions does KPMG operate in?
KPMG has a large number of offices throughout the Netherlands. This means there will always be an office close to you. For a complete list, view this page and select a location for the relevant address.

We also operate outside the Netherlands. You can find a list of all our offices here.

What is KPMG’s approach to inclusion and diversity?
For KPMG, inclusion and diversity are simultaneously business and moral requirements. Our people are the key to progress. The diverse composition of our teams makes them more innovative and means they are able to achieve more. We therefore have five important shared pillars within KPMG: gender equality, cultural and international equality, LGBTQ+, capacity for work and equality between generations. You can read more about inclusion and diversity here.

What do the different abbreviations used on the site mean?
In delivering our business services, we often use abbreviations (or jargon); these relate to the different sectors. However, we can imagine that these abbreviations are not familiar to everyone. So we have listed the most common abbreviations for you – you can view the list here.