Create an innovative culture

Innovation Factory makes innovation available to all layers in- and outside your organisation. The easy-to-use software enables everyone to come up with ideas and interact with each other’s suggestions. AI and text-mining enable you to validate them and convert the best ones into innovation projects more efficiently. Together we create an inspiring innovation culture, in which everyone can think along. Learn more about creating an innovation culture.

Innovate goal-orientated

By creating an Innovation Challenge, a goal, a deadline, evaluation criteria and an optional reward – which will all guide the ideation process – are also defined. Thoughts and efforts are effectively streamlined to optimise the output in terms of quality and development speed of new ideas. Incentivise contributions by adding rewards.

Get great ideas from your ecosystem

Valuable ideas may originate anywhere, so think beyond the people you work with directly. Unknown co-workers, suppliers, customers and even end-users in the supply chain are just as likely to come up with highly valuable ideas as your innovation department. Innovation Factory will help make your innovation ecosystem a durable and healthy ecosystem that keeps supplying you with fresh ideas.

  • Create high-value idea’s quickly
  • Build an innovation culture
  • Increase your employee engagement