Companies face the massive challenge of achieving continuity in a fast-changing world. Digital transformation offers real opportunities to do so. But digital transformation is tricky – companies often struggle to successfully utilise all the opportunities it offers. KPMG supports you and makes life easier for you at every step of this complex process with innovative products and services.

Changing market conditions and technology combine to accelerate developments

Robotisation, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, the cloud; technological developments are coming thick and fast. Existing organisations need to respond quickly to these developments. But that is often a significant challenge due to the fast-changing market conditions. Business models are under pressure and are often no longer sufficient to keep up in the market even today.

And technological developments are impacting on consumers as well as companies. Consumers have more information and power and they are more connected with each other than ever. As a result, we see consumers’ wishes changing and their expectations increasing. Companies need to respond to this too.

The task is clear: overhaul existing organisational structures, processes and business models and focus even more strongly on the customer. So management faces complex strategic choices. What is needed to secure the continuity of the organisation?

Seizing the opportunities of digitisation: Connected Enterprise

KPMG believes that digital transformation or, more precisely, transforming companies in a future-proof way, can only be successful if the front, mid and back end of the organisation are connected: from customer service, through efficient operational processes, to HR and IT. With the customer as the centre of attention. We call this Connected Enterprise.

Based on our experience, KPMG has identified eight competencies that can help you in this regard: the Connected Enterprise Framework. Research has shown that companies that invest in these eight competencies can perform twice as well as those that do not. What the competencies involve is detailed below:

Connected enterprise capabilities

KPMG helps with the transformation to a Connected Enterprise

KPMG supports countless companies worldwide in their digital transformation. We support organisations in their digital transformation, from formulating strategy to execution. To do so, we employ a multidisciplinary team with extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of strategy & operations, technology and change management. We work with thirty technology partners to ensure we have the required expertise in technical implementation at our disposal.

Which means you get the best of both worlds: all KPMG’s knowledge and experience in the areas of finance, legal, tax, operations and compliance, combined with our partners’ expertise in the field of technology. As a result, our solutions are reliable, safe and compliant.

We have a growing portfolio of innovative products and services to support your digital transformation and enable you to be integrated in Connected Enterprise.

KPMG believes that digital transformation is driven by technology but its success is determined by people. It starts with a smart idea, an innovative insight or a stroke of inspiration. We help to increase that kind of innovative strength in companies, by encouraging employees to innovate instead of holding them back. We help you reduce the time-to-market of your solutions and services, increase the quality of innovation and so assure the progress of your organisation.