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Transaction Services

Transaction Services

KPMG Transaction Services provides advisory support for mergers and acquisitions. Services range from assisting in the formulation of corporate strategy, pre-deal evaluation, business integration planning, deal structuring, comprehensive due diligence, post acquisition integration support to exit strategies.

How we add value

  • We advise clients who are buying or selling a business, throughout the deal cycle.
  • Our main service is acquisition due diligence, focusing on the key issues facing the business and the drivers behind the performance of target company, which helps to highlight potential upsides and downsides in the transaction, as well as any deal breakers.
  • We also provide vendor due diligence and assistance, helping clients evaluate disposal options.
  • Other services include contact assistance (in sale and purchase agreement), supporting the negotiation and completion phases of the deal.
  • Alongside financial and tax due diligence workstreams on an M&A transaction, Commercial Due Diligence advises clients on the commercial position of the target company in the market. During which, we research on market entry strategies, including location assessments, markets sizing, competitive landscape and initial target screening.
  • We can assist client in integration/separation by identifying and assessing synergies and separation issues.
  • During the due diligence process we help identify post deal integration issues and advise clients on how to address them through a practical “100 day plan”.


  • You plan to acquire shares / business of a target company.
  • You plan to enter into a joint venture (JV) with another company.
  • You are planning to dispose of non-core subsidiary or business unit, whether in single or multiple locations.
  • You have questions about the Target’s business plan and forecasts.You are considering where to locate in Malaysia and need independent advice.
  • You are trying to evaluate whether there is an accessible market in Malaysia.You have acquired a business recently and post transaction, discovered material issues.
  • You intend to integrate and streamline certain functions.

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