Investment Management & Funds

Investment Management & Funds

KPMG member firms are among the leading financial advisers to the Investment Management industry.

KPMG firms’ are among the leading financial advisers in Investment Management

Assets under management for funds domiciled in Malta currently just under 12 billion Euro, making the industry the largest sector within the Maltese financial services industry.

Malta’s credibility in the industry is supported by the fact that a number of high profile complex retail and alternative funds have been launched here lately in the past decade. A wave of hedge-fund executives have washed up on Malta’s shores, fuelled by attractive fiscal incentives, competitive prices, a pool of competent talent, and a coveted address inside the European Union.

Similarily, Malta has also seen increasing numbers of fund managers, and boutique asset manager setting up on the island.

With investors today preferring regulation, transparency and good governance to secrecy, Malta’s regulatory scrutiny and accountability have become selling points. Among other requirements, Malta demands audited annual financial statements and background checks for all senior players within each proposed license-application.

The advantages offered by Malta include: 

  • An EU Member State since 2004
  • A highly reputable financial services centre, Malta was placed among the top three financial centres in the Global Financial Centres Index
  • Single regulator for Banking, Securities and Insurance – highly accessible and robust
  • Regulated quality global service providers in all areas
  • Qualified professionals
  • Lower operational costs than other European jurisdictions
  • Quick and simple set-up processes
  • Flexible investment structures (SICAV’s, trusts, partnerships etc.)
  • Multilingual and professional work-force – an English speaking country with professionals usually speaking four languages
  • Fund listing on the Malta Stock Exchange
  • Possibility of creation of umbrella funds
  • Re-domiciliation regulation is in place
  • Possibility of using foreign fund managers and custodians
  • The most competitive tax structure within the EU, yet fully OECD compliant
  • An excellent network of double taxation agreements
  • Part of the Eurozone

How can we help you?

Our qualified and experienced team composed of lawyers, accountants and operational experts is available to assist from the very early stages. We may assist you with the set up of the fund, and/or management company in Malta and provide ongoing advice and assistance to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations once the fund is in existence.

Should you wish to find out more about setting up in Malta, do feel free to get in touch. We would love to help.