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Deal Advisory, M&A Tax

Deal Advisory, M&A Tax

When entering an acquisition process, be it as the seller or acquirer, businesses have a host of constraints and challenges to address.

When entering an acquisition process, be it as the seller or acquirer, businesses have...

Acquisitions are carried out to create value and it is essential to have access to experienced support to get to the heart of that value and get the deal done.

We offer a range of mergers and acquisitions tax services to corporate and private equity investors to help with domestic and cross- border transactions.
Our services include: 

-tax due diligence: identifying the tax exposure of a deal and how it may be mitigated, with a clear focus on risk assessment

-structuring an acquisition or disposition: advice on the tax consequences of individual acquisitions, joint ventures and divestments to help design tax-efficient deal structures

-contract assistance: helping the legal advisors in reviewing the agreements to minimize the risk of unexpected tax exposures and help determine, where appropriate, if tax issues arising from the due diligence report are accurately represented

-tax modeling: assistance in modeling the tax effects of transactions, including assisting clients in tracking the cash and non-cash steps in fund flow

-vendor assistance: preparation of vendor side documentation and tax advice on the tax implications of the sale of a business, including pre-deal reorganization measures and settlement of historic tax risks

-acquisition cost recovery analysis: analyzing associated deals (deduction versus depreciation) to help clients mitigate the after- tax deal costs

-post-deal integration: helping clients reconcile their tax positions and those of the acquired businesses as well as capturing the synergies.


How clients benefit

By leveraging KPMG’s global network and experienced professionals across different services areas, we can help our clients understand processes, avoid pitfalls and seize opportunities related to deals.

We understand the practical impact of tax developments from one country and sector to the next and when we spot opportunities, we know how to act for the benefit of our clients and their stakeholders.

With a strong focus on transactions, our Deal Advisory, M&A Tax professionals are commercially minded and deal hardened.

They know how to identify and advise on the material tax exposures in a transaction and how to address those implications. Working on transactions every day, our professionals are results-driven and understand the mechanics of acquisition and disposals in a competitive environment.


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