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Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Wherever organizations operate in the world, they need to understand how changes in domestic and international tax laws and regulations may affect...

Wherever organizations operate in the world, they need to understand how changes...

Effective tax advice and planning that is tailored to the businesses needs and realities can help organizations adapt to all of the environments in which they operate, respond quickly to changes, mitigate risks and even gain a competitive edge.

Business tax costs can be excessive and often place a burden on profits and capital. However, enterprises can often reorganize their operations to enhance tax benefits.

As businesses become ever more global, their operating structures are adapting to manage complex supply chains. Much of the recent focus has been on reducing costs through centralized procurement and shared service centers. These commercially driven changes can have huge tax implications and there are real benefits when businesses incorporate tax planning into the business strategies

We help companies integrate tax planning into business operations to help maximize growth opportunities, minimize expenses and risk, enhance return on investment and drive efficiencies across operations. Now, more than ever, tax needs to be an integral part of strategic business decisions.


How clients benefit

Our teams are dedicated to proactive, results- focused tax strategies and are passionate about helping clients establish comprehensive approaches in typical business events, such as: post acquisition integration and restructuring, expansion, divestment, financing, rationalization, business change and e-business.

Through our Value Chain Management (VCM) services, companies can get the right tax position for their end-to-end global operations, including manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing and customer service, as well as for service functions such as IT, intellectual property development, human resources, finance and procurement. Our VCM services offering can help clients to optimize:

  • operating models: integrating tax into organizational design to support the business case intellectual property development, human resources, finance and procurement.
  • intellectual property: capitalizing on tax opportunities in intellectual property, and providing wide-ranging assistance with the strategy
  • digital revolution: implementing taxeffective structures within a digital value chain
  • procurement: assessing the tax implications of purchasing decisions.

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