Enterprises often run the risk of losing tax credits (i.e. TDS and TCS) due to lack of regular reconciliation between books of accounts and the government records. This also becomes a key risk area for levy of interest and penalties. It also fends itself to generate voluminous data that can be difficult to manage. KPMG 26AS Reconciler is our technology enabled service for managing TDS and TCS credits as per Form 26AS and books of accounts and minimising leakages.

Analytical dashboards with actionable reports are enabled for digitally managing such credits. 

Value add and benefits

  • Technology enabled reconciliation of TDS and TCS credits for enhancing accuracy
  • Significantly reduces time in processing low value adding activities
  • Proactive tracking of discussions with tax deductor/collector for corrections due to identified mismatches
  • Correct claim of TDS and TCS credit thereby mitigating working capital inefficiencies due to tax outflow
  • Better control over organisation’s TDS and TCS credits
  • Data driven insights to mitigate TDS and TCS leakages.

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