Business Performance Services (BPS)

Business Performance Services (BPS)

KPMG works with you to determine how you can best define the operating model that helps your business deliver on its strategy.

KPMG works with you to determine the operating model to help deliver on your strategy.

    Through financial systems and performance development services (FSPD), KPMG Hazem Hassan can help companies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes, policies and procedures to mitigate risk, improve performance and grow sustainable value.
    These services include the following areas:
    1) Financial and control regulations
    Setting, developing, implementing and assessing the financial and control regulations:

    -Financial regulation
    -Regulation organising the contracts with suppliers, contractors and service providers

    -Regulation organising the inventory
    -Sales and marketing regulation
    -Maintenance regulation

    -Movement regulation

    -Security regulation

    -Financial and administrative authority regulation (Matrix)

    2) Policies and procedures manuals
    Performance development is a flexible and consistent method to assist clients in developing their projects through developing policies and procedure manuals, such as process re-engineering or adoption of new processes.
    KPMG Hazem Hassan teams can help clients study the core, sub and support processes to identify risk areas to create re-engineered processes or adopt new processes that include controls to mitigate these risks.
    These policies and procedure manuals include the following:

    -Financial policies and procedures manual

    -Budget policies and procedures manual 

    -Costing policies and procedures manual

    -Fixed asset policies and procedures manual 

    -Purchasing and contracting with suppliers, contractors and service providers’ policies and procedures manual

    -Inventory policies and procedures manual

    -Sales and marketing policies and procedures manual

    -Maintenance policies and procedures manual
    -Movement policies and procedures manual
    -Security policies and procedures manual


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