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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

KPMG in Egypt is prepared to serve your needs. Our corporate finance practice has honed the means and resources to serve customers in various business sectors. As the business leader, we can provide a long-term vision, perspective, insights and innovative professional services to meet customers’ expectations through our diversified range of services. Our role is to help you sustain your success by transforming opportunities into results.
Our goal  
Corporate finance at KPMG in Egypt aims at being viewed as a trusted and objective advisor to a wide and diversified base of clients in different business sectors, and being acknowledged as a preferred provider of corporate finance services in the regional market as well as the leading provider of those services in the local market.
Our range of services 
Corporate finance at KPMG in Egypt serves national, multi-national and regional companies, governments and state-owned and private sector organisations, through a wide range of diversified services, such as:
Valuation of enterprises: valuation studies of various industries for the purpose of mergers and acquisitions, share floatation, privatization and others.
Financial model review: KPMG assists clients in reviewing financial models for the purpose of bond issuance and/or share floatation.
Feasibility studies: KPMG provides an independent professional evaluation of proposed projects or enterprises, or new branches of foreign companies.

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