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  • Michael Birkebæk Jensen

    Michael Birkebæk Jensen: Partner, New technologies & ESG

    Michael is passionate about combining cutting edge technologies with ESG/Sustaibability, business and entrepreneurship. Through his work he seeks to create positive change across the entire ESG agenda both by changing and developing the way we work and in particular by helping our customers to work in new ways and create new products and services that contribute positively to the ESG agenda.

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  • Morten Eskerod

    Morten Eskerod: Director, Green energy transition

    Morten Eskerod is the head of our work with the green transition in Denmark. Morten has more than 21 years of experience from the energy sector, where he has worked has worked both as a consultant and in the industry itself. He has a specific focus on the link between business and technical aspects in the green transition including major construction projects.

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  • Esben Juul Hansen

    Esben Hansen: Director, ESG

    Esben Juul Hansen is a Director and Lead in our newly established ESG Impact Hub in KPMG Denmark. He has almost 10 years of experience as a consultant, and has for a number of years had a dedicated focus on sustainability. As Hub lead, Esben is also involved in KPMG's own ESG strategy and reporting.

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  • Thomas Steen Hansen

    Thomas Hansen: Director, Investor Relations

    Thomas Steen Hansen is heading KPMG’s Investor Relations Services where he helps companies manage and develop their communication with the capital markets and to increase their visibility among investors. He has 25 years of experience from the financial sector focusing on equity research, IPO’s, valuation, advisory of institutional investors, financial communication and ESG strategies.

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  • Holger Nikolaj Jensen

    Holger Jensen: Senior Manager, Green energy transition

    In his work, Holger Nikolaj Jensen focuses on green transition, especially in relation to energy and energy-related emissions. With experience from both Dansk Energi and the Climate Council, he has special expertise in regulation of the energy sector and natural monopolies, policy development and socio-economic impact assessments of the regulation.

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  • Mads Kaysen

    Mads Kaysen: Director, KPMG Denmark

    Mads has 20 years of experience in Transformation Management, Product Development, Sales and IT. With a background as entrepreneur, Mads has built companies within SaaS solutions and Consulting. He has been Delivery Lead of Alm. Brand's transformation program within Intelligent Automation, and is responsible for RPA, Conversational AI, and the Automation area in KPMG NewTech.

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  • Thomas Schneider

    Thomas Schneider: Director, Technology transformation

    Thomas is a Director at KPMG with a focus on IT strategy and technology transformation. He has worked as chief architect and program manager on major IT transformations, where he handles both the analysis phase and the strategy setting, management and implementation.

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  • Linea Svendsen

    Linea Svendsen: Manager, Conversational AI

    Linea advises and teaches in how to build chat and voice bots, while building Denmark's best bots for some of the largest companies in Denmark. Linea is one of the few conversational AI experts we have in Denmark - and she has been nominated for a Nordic Women in Tech Award several times.

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