"Where would we be without technology? This fusion of science and creativity is the backbone of innovation, and the only limit is our imagination. Technology amazes, excites and inspires us. It can be childishly simple, or incredibly complex, sometimes even obscure. Over the past decades we have become used to – or even dependent on – certain digital technologies and we have seen business models change radically. New technologies are emerging all the time. From quantum communication to blockchain chicken farms, we have an innate urge to reinvent the future.

Technology is a near obsession for me. I am captivated by the pace at which new developments arise, hooked on discovering the almost unlimited possibilities that are opening up to us as a society and as businesses. I find myself wondering however, which technologies will really make a lasting impact.

This is the purpose of our Clarity – to explore the implications of emerging technologies for businesses in Switzerland. Automation, 5G, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, and the Cloud: What is their purpose, how will they develop in the next few years, and how can their potential be realized? Based on our experience with diverse clients from all industries in Switzerland and beyond, we trust that our articles, videos and interviews will help make sense of the new and emerging technologies available."

Mark Meuldijk, Head of Data & Analytics and Emerging Technologies

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The Forrester Wave: AI Consultancies Q1 2021

Bringing emerging technologies into sharper focus

The speed of technology innovation means businesses must continuously be on the lookout for what new developments can offer and what risks they present. This is no easy task given the exponential growth in available technologies, but it is important if you are to maintain a clear view over solutions that may impact your industry. Investing in the most relevant technologies can create significant competitive advantage. By contrast, failing to do so can hinder sustainable and profitable growth, as well as enabling competitors and new market entrants to steal the lead. So, how do you decide where to look, in which technologies to invest, and when to do so?

The past year has reminded us how we cannot take the status quo for granted. It has highlighted how even the most familiar habits, such as commuting to work, can be turned upside down at short notice. Yet, even with the unthinkable, we need to continually think ahead and anticipate opportunities and risks. This is particularly the case when looking at emerging technologies.

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The conditions in Switzerland are ideal for implementing emerging technologies.

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