Blockchain technology promises to shake up our traditional banking and currency systems and spark the fourth industrial revolution with the digitalization of assets such as real estate, art, wine or music rights. SEBA Bank in Zug is one of the first two institutions in Switzerland of its kind to receive a banking license from Finma. Switzerland is proving itself to be a hotspot for blockchain technology worldwide. What are the almost limitless possibilities of this revolutionary technology and what is the philosophy behind it? What are the implications for the financial industry? And what does this mean for SEBA Bank – who position themselves as a bridge between the digital and traditional banking sectors?

"Blockchain plays a crucial role for us"

Ertugrul Tuefekci, Partner, Financial Services of KPMG Switzerland, discusses with Guido Bühler, CEO of SEBA Bank, the almost limitless possibilities of this revolutionary technology and the philosophy behind it.

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