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Careers in Risk Consulting

Careers in Risk Consulting

Discover where your career can take you.

Discover where your career can take you.

Some of the world's leading companies turn to KPMG to help them navigate their most complex business issues, seeking advice on the best approach to optimize risk to achieve their ambitions. As a consultant, you'll help organizations transform risk into enduring competitive advantage while navigating the most complex business issues. Your deep knowledge and industry insights will help clients analyze risk, create value and strategically manage outcomes for success.

Risk Consulting applies a risk lens to clients' business objectives, and helps align risk appetite with desired returns. You'll be part of a team of professionals that bring a forward-thinking, global mind-set to help align corporate strategy and culture while protecting financial and reputational assets, and collaborate to improve decision-making and operational effectiveness.

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Cyber Security

Our global network of business-savvy cyber security member firm professionals understand that businesses cannot be held back by cyber risk. KPMG professionals recognize that cyber security is about risk management – not risk elimination. You'll work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients to work through strategy and governance, organizational transformation, cyber defense and cyber response:

  • Strategy and governance: Focusing on security needs versus wants, you'll be part of a team that builds enterprise-wide security strategies that help to move organizations from reacting in crisis mode to having a proactive, value-added business solution.
  • Transformation: As part of our Cyber Security Services practice you can help deliver large-scale transformation programs through global service and methodology / tool alignment to help build and improve programs and processes.
  • Cyber defence: You'll be part of a team that helps clients maintain an information protection agenda as their business and technology programs evolve. You'll provide greater visibility and understanding of changing risks.
  • Cyber response: KPMG Cyber Security professionals have experience in investigations, digital forensics, and recovery which can help your organization secure evidence, understand what happened, mitigate risks, and support internal, legal and/or law enforcement inquiries.

Data & Analytics

You'll be part of a team of professionals that demonstrate to clients how various types of analytics can be a major competitive advantage in their business. Over the years we have helped several organizations innovate and adapt to change, grow their revenue, increase efficiency and have a better understanding of risk in this business.

In order to help our clients keep up with the pace of change, we've set up a worldwide network of Insight Centres to provide our clients a next generation environment to rapidly ideate, innovate and prototype. You'll have access to state of the art innovation and collaboration centric labs which offer our clients an opportunity to "disrupt in a sandbox", mature their strategy and execution plans through a professional facilitated journey supported by data, analytics and visualization.

Financial Risk Management

Our Financial Risk Management (FRM) professionals help companies manage complex market, regulatory, operational and credit risks by shaping their risk and business strategies to effectively mitigate or take advantage of such exposures and enhance their compliance stance. Backed by deep industry knowledge, you'll be part of a team that works with organizations to strengthen their governance and operating models, positioning them to effectively achieve their risk management objectives.

KPMG's FRM professionals help organizations by addressing complex challenges, creating and protecting sustainable business value and transforming risk into a strategic advantage.

KPMG Forensic Services

Forensic investigations, disputes and regulatory compliance of today demand a practice that's invested in tomorrow. For KPMG, that means making significant investments in a Canada-wide Forensic and Dispute Advisory team driven by cutting-edge technologies, battle-tested partners, and foresight for identifying what's around the corner.

With a truly integrated network of forensic and investigative professionals, you'll be part of a team that can ensure the best partners and resources are deployed for the job regardless of where our clients call home.

  • Dispute Advisory: Quantification of Financial Losses, Class Actions, Securities and Regulatory Disputes, Intellectual Property, Insurance Claims, Shareholder Disputes, Professional Liability, Consulting and Testifying Expert Services

  • Investigations: White-collar Crime Investigations, Computer Forensics, Forensic Data Analytics, Corporate Intelligence, Fraud Risk Assessments, Whistleblower Services

  • Regulatory: Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Third-party Risk Management, Data Protection, Information Management, Other Regulatory matters

  • Forensic Technology: Computer Forensics, eDiscovery (managed services and transactional), Data Analytics, Departed Employee Investigations and Cyber Crime Incident Response, Anton Pillar Order Execution and Preparation.

Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance Services

KPMG's Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance services are designed to help enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of internal audit functions. You'll be part of a team that works with organizations to optimize their enterprise risk management programs, internal controls, review third party relationships, and comply with regulations and governance, and sustainability initiatives.

As part of our team of professionals, you'll bring both deep technical and industry experience, allowing clients to strengthen their key governance, risk management, internal control and compliance efforts while optimizing business performance.

Technology Risk Consulting

Today's organizations – whether businesses, public sector entities or not-for-profit organizations – are heavily and increasingly reliant on information technology (IT) and other computer-based technologies to gain and maintain strategic advantage, and to achieve and sustain operational efficiency and effectiveness. Similarly, they are increasingly reliant on not just internal resources, but also on third parties to successfully select, design, implement, and maintain these technologies and technology-enabled processes, services and solutions.

KPMG's Technology Risk Consulting services help our clients achieve these goals successfully. You'll be part of a team that brings technology risk awareness to the boardroom while helping clients ensure their technology selection supports their strategy and operations – safely, securely and consistently.

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