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Careers in Management Consulting

Careers in Management Consulting

Discover where your career can take you.

Discover where your career can take you.

Our deep business experience and industry-inclusive service offerings help companies meet the challenges of risk, cost, talent, strategy, information, complexity and change in a highly competitive economy. As part of the team, you’ll assist clients to make better decisions, reduce costs, increase cash flow, build more effective organizations and develop technology strategies.

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Financial Management

In a customer-centric world, it hardly makes sense to distinguish between back and front offices any more. What you do in HR or procurement has a direct and decisive impact on the quality of the customer experience. Core business functions are evolving to exploit new technologies, embrace new operating models and foster new collaborations. At part of the team, you’ll help clients with functional transformation that creates a connected business, with accelerated improvement, swifter speed to market and reliable, data-driven decision-making.

You’ll be part of a team that assists businesses in strengthening their finance operations by improving transparency, information integrity and governance to help build and maintain stakeholder trust. You’ll also support efforts to apply the finance discipline to increase profitability and drive business insights.

IT Advisory

Our comprehensive approach – from strategy through execution – can help clients understand and manage the full array of business, technology, security, change management, compliance, and tax ramifications. As part of the team, you’ll work with clients to develop solutions to help enable business strategy with the speed and agility necessary in today's market.

People and Change

KPMG looks beyond traditional talent management approaches to hiring, developing, and retaining the best people. As part of the team, you’ll help ensure clients have access to the talent needed for the future by helping them assess potential business acquisitions, joint ventures, or alliances as new sources of essential talent -- or taking workforce flexibility to a whole new level through greater use of contingent workers, for example.


As part of the team, you’ll be working alongside sector colleagues who know the industry inside-out. You’ll assist in identifying issues and pressures for clients with the highest improvement potential. Deep sector and operations insight means you’ll share what's coming over the hill, from threats and disruptions to opportunities and innovations, and help your clients decide what to do about them.

Supply Chain

Amidst ever-changing technological, economic and regulatory challenges, industries need one thing: effective supply chain management to accelerate their corporate growth strategies, increase operational efficiency, and offer new and differentiated value to their customers.

You’ll be part of a team that understands the complexities of designing and managing supply chains, and the strategic business approach to help create and sustain bottom-line value across the extended supply chain – from suppliers to customers.


Digital disruption and rising customer expectations are creating unforgiving markets where loyalty is hard won and easily lost. If you can't deliver what your customers want, when and where they want it, they will go to someone who can. But there is no point in creating a breakthrough customer experience if the new business model runs at a loss.

You’ll be part of a team that offers a suite of services that can help clients achieve profitable, sustainable growth through customer-centric thinking. It’s about getting close to their customers and staying there.

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