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KPMG Flex Reward Plan

KPMG Flex Reward Plan

Save time and simplify the process of offering your employees the flexibility of designing their own benefits packages.

Flexible rewards.

How to use flexible reward plans in effective remuneration strategies?

The Challenge

Today’s talent market is highly competitive. Attracting and keeping top talent is becoming more and more difficult. Employees want flexibility, but sometimes offering them flexible compensation plans can be time consuming and add heavy administrative, tax, and legal burdens.

With our KPMG Flex Reward Tool offering, we help you simplify the process, reduce the burdens and extra work, and provide your employees with the ease and flexibility of choosing their own rewards. Our Flexible Reward Plan offers you a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform that makes offering a “cafeteria plan” for compensation look easy.

Why should you implement the KPMG Flex Reward Plan?

  • Attract and keep the best talent on the market by offering them the incentive of designing their own rewards package
  • Gain the freedom to shape compensation packages to your employees’ individual and often shifting needs
  • Reduce costs with no or limited net impact for the employees
  • Option to include a mobility package to encourage employees to use other mobility measures


KPMG Approach

KPMG’s Reward Practice specializes in advising companies on effective remuneration strategies. Our team has not only extensive experience with compensation and benefits plans, but a deep understanding of the policies and structures behind remuneration. We bring technical knowledge, and practical expertise in all aspects of flexible reward plans; from tax, and labor law to the process and IT requirements.

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