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All organizations have a corporate responsibility to carry out, by positively contributing to our common environment and society. Most organizations are also confronted with the impact of megatrends, such as climate change, pervasive environmental degradation, chronic social inequalities and injustice and, more recently, the coronavirus pandemic.

Our common sustainable development goals, these megatrends, the urgency of the recent pandemic crisis and the climate crisis ahead are forcing us to focus on the future we want.  Our social, political and economic structures are having to pivot hard and fast to keep up. With disruption, however, comes opportunity to do things differently – to dramatically reshape and improve the trajectory of our world. Furthermore, actively managing the realization of opportunities and the handling of risks increases the market value of companies, leads to cost savings and innovation.

KPMG IMPACT in this context helps governments, businesses, and investors develop new ways of working that fulfill their purpose and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) so that our diverse communities can thrive and prosper.

It brings together an experienced network of professionals from across KPMG to deliver industry leading practices, research and trusted client solutions that address the biggest issues facing our planet, having a real and positive impact today and on our collective future.

Through KPMG IMPACT, we aim to deliver growth with purpose around five focus areas:

  1. Environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainability
  2. Economic and social development
  3. Sustainable finance
  4. Climate change and decarbonization
  5. Measurement, assurance and reporting
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Environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainability

KPMG IMPACT’s environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainability practice helps clients understand and adapt to new and emerging changes to the business landscape by developing responsible and sustainable strategies, business models, operations and investments.

The services provided by this practice include:

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Economic and social development

KPMG IMPACT’s economic and social development practice works shoulder-to-shoulder with governments, multilateral institutions, private companies, foundations and other development-minded organizations to measure impact and enable societies to grow in a more equitable way by reducing vulnerabilities and allowing economies to prosper.

Some of the focus areas of this practice include:

  • Modeling for targeted investments for social and economic growth
  • Public service offerings to help clients strengthen healthcare systems, deliver sustainable infrastructure, improve education systems and deliver better social care to those who need it most
  • Resilient supply chain and logistics management
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Sustainable finance

KPMG IMPACT’s sustainable finance practice integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) measurements into responsible investment, financing, insurance and corporate finance strategies and processes.

Some of the focus areas of this practice include:

  • Responsible investment
  • Responsible banking and capital markets
  • Responsible insurance
  • Responsible public finance
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Climate change and decarbonization

KPMG IMPACT’s climate change and decarbonization practice drives business models, products and services that address climate change and help clients reduce carbon emissions.

Some of the focus areas of this practice include:

  • Renewables
  • Climate and green finance
  • Policy and regulation
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Measurement, assurance and reporting

KPMG IMPACT’s measurement, assurance and reporting capabilities enable clients to devise improved methods, tools and frameworks to better track and measure performance. We provide assurance on clients' performance and impact against our key focus areas.

Some of the focus areas of this practice include:

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