Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Smart technologies for a smart future in manufacturing.

Smart technologies for a smart future in manufacturing.

Smart machines, smart materials, and mass data. The fourth industrial revolution, also called Industry 4.0, is upon us. And it brings with it rapidly changing business models, and new ways of looking at the industry. As with any change, it brings exciting opportunities, but also challenges. Companies that aren’t ready to adapt could struggle to keep up and survive.

As new technology becomes not only available, but affordable it can change the way of working. For industry it means sensors to connect their machines and equipment, to allow machines to communicate over the internet, and to allow companies to collect more data and gain more insights for the ultimate purpose of using their machines and equipment more efficiently and in an optimized way. All of this will allow companies to offer innovative products and services to their customers, which is essential in an era where the customers are becoming ever-more demanding.

Industry 4.0 means disruption, with smart technologies like advanced sensors, artificial intelligence, robotics, and more, and it means companies need to become smarter and future-proof.


What are some opportunities Industry 4.0 offers businesses?

  • Bring products to market faster
  • Machines can perform their own quality checks so errors can be detected and remedied faster
  • Optimize equipment maintenance with smarter resource management based on energy data 
  • Improve stock management through chips and sensors
  • Predict demand for products through data mining, and improve supply chain and inventory management as a result


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