Businesses are operating in increasingly challenging times, requiring the continuous monitoring of processes, operations and organizational structures in order to identify and implement the most appropriate business approaches with a view to increasing profitability. This requires a methodological approach to improve and re-invent business processes.

Our team of experts strive for consistency in applied methodologies and approaches and wants to get the standard of quality of every professional within your organization to a higher level. Our entry point in everything we do, is the business environment of your organization and your defined strategic goals.


How we can help

Organization design
  • Set up your organization to achieve your goals and to be future-proof
  • (Re)Structuring of (part of) your organization, based on trends, industry expertise and leading practices:
    • Identify what kind of building blocks should be (re)designed
    • Identify potential organizational scenarios
    • Elaborate on specific organization building blocks: vision & strategy, organization structure, governance, processes etc.
  • Guide a group of stakeholders in your organization through the decision-making process by means of, for example, C-level workshops and strategic seminars
  • Transition your organization from A to B
  • Build an internal capability for organization design 


Process design & optimization
  • Ensure business processes are efficient, effective and economical, while embedding risk, control and compliance considerations
  • Streamline business processes and ensure continuous monitoring and improvement mechanisms are in place
  • Document, analyze and improve your processes by applying lean (or similar) methodologies:
    • Process mapping and evaluation to help identify problems, bottlenecks and inefficiencies
    • Process design and improvements to reduce lead time, decrease costs and improve internal efficiency


Project & portfolio management
  • Bring a consistent, robust and agile approach to project and portfolio management throughout the project lifecycle
  • Promote the highest standards in guidance and provide tools and templates to support project management
  • Integrate project management into every transformation journey provided by KPMG’s Value Delivery Framework
    • Standardized set of activities and deliverables (e.g. project charter, project plan, weekly project report, risks/issues/actions/decisions log, resource planning, actual vs budget analysis, etc.) that provide a fully scalable method tailored to your specific needs.


Business studies & business planning
  • Study the fast-changing internal and external environment
  • Map out possibilities to adequately steer your organization into the future:
    • Policy evaluations, recommendations and redesign
    • Impact analysis and measurement
    • Maturity analysis
    • Feasibility studies
    • Business case & business planning


Workload & efficiency measurement
  • Insights into HR allocation, costs and workload to gain efficiencies
    • Workload measurement, including work load drivers and action plans to organize and support 4D improvements (i.e. Process, Organization, People and IT)