All organizations are built on people, which means that how we establish relationships, trust, communicate, and look out for one another determines our success. That’s why our focus on People is a core priority for us at all times - whether it concerns the people who work at KPMG, the people who work for our clients and suppliers, or the people in our wider communities. We never forget that we’re in a people business, and that means building trust and connectedness continually.

Our People priorities are:

  1. Enhancing our Trust & Growth culture
  2. Increasing our efforts on Diversity and Inclusion
  3. Developing our leadership and workforce of the future
  4. Winning in the new reality: ensuring employee engagement in a post Covid-19 era


So, what does that mean in practice? It means that we develop our culture around values that support the wellbeing of our people and empower them to succeed and to grow. We want to provide our people and stakeholders with a safe and fair environment where they are happy, and foster opportunities for them to be fulfilled in their professional and personal development.

There’s a reason that we are repeatedly recognized as a top employer by the Top Employers Institute in Belgium for our focus on our People. Throughout their time at KPMG, we want our people to get the most out of their work and their life outside it. It’s why we’re so proud of the culture we are building – an open, inclusive and diverse workplace in which everyone has the opportunity to be their best.

Our commitments

1. Enhancing our Trust & Growth culture

We create value by developing a culture of smart innovation, high performance and inclusive collaboration. This can only be achieved if we effectively focus on behaviors that support this ambition, including:

  • Coaching our people to find meaning in their work and achieve exceptional results;
  • Supporting individuals, teams and organizations to build lasting, collaborative relationships;
  • Creating an environment in which everyone feels like they belong.

2. Increasing our efforts on Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are key priorities for KPMG and for our people, so it’s only natural that they are also an important part of Our Impact Plan.

We strongly believe that a diverse working environment and an inclusive culture adds to that sense of belonging we all need to thrive. By embracing our people’s differences and acting with an open mindset in every situation, we build trust and foster growth and innovation, which helps to improve everyone’s well-being.

> Discover more about our Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

3. Developing our leadership and workforce of the future

For KPMG Belgium, learning and development is one of the main pillars of our sustainability strategy for the coming years. We understand that the skills, knowledge and capabilities of our people are central to our success and future growth. Therefore, we offer learning and development opportunities at all levels, providing the best development experience to attract, develop and retain the workforce of the future.

From the moment an employee joins us, they’ll have a personal development plan tailored to their individual needs and ambitions. This plan incorporates a powerful combination of technical training, coaching and mentoring, industry secondments and skill-building programs. And what’s more, our learning and development program is geared towards nurturing future leaders who are committed to making a difference in society.

We also work with the wider community to offer innovative coaching and mentoring programs and participate in global partnerships that help build skills, knowledge and progress across a lifetime. By embracing our role as educators, we are making an important contribution towards the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 4: to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education.

4. Winning in the new reality: ensuring employees engagement in a post COVID-19 era

For KPMG to remain a thriving business, we understand that we need thriving employees. That’s why our people’s health andwell-being is of utmost importance and integral to both our business and Our Impact Plan.

We focus on employee engagement to ensure we maximize the resilience and commitment of our employees, which is essential to delivering on our growth promise. We continuously review and adapt the way we work, based on a remote and on-site hybrid model, while providing direction, flexibility and innovative tools to meet our clients’ and people’s needs.

We want to create a workplace culture that promotes health and well-being throughout all aspects of our people’s lives. Therefore, we are committed to building further on a number of initiatives to support our people’s physical and mental well-being, including our Together@KPMG program, Employee Assistance program, health and ergonomics awareness, and a wide variety of sports teams and activities:


Impact together

Together@KPMG Program

Our Together@KPMG program comprises our journey as a company towards higher physical, mental and emotional energy levels and a healthier and happier lifestyle in general. Throughout the year, we encourage our people to partake in sportive (team) challenges, follow inspiring keynotes, lead an active lifestyle and measure their progress against concrete goals.This program tests the limits of what we can achieve and helps us reach success as individuals, as professionals, and as #OneKPMG.

Impact assistance program

Employee Assistance Program

We’re not only focusing on physical health, but also on mental health. In challenging times, it’s completely normal to feel down or not like yourself. So, whether it’s a work thing, or a personal thing - we highly encourage our employees  to consult a certified professional via our mental health support program by AG Health. It’s 100% confidential and anonymous. 

Impact Ergonomics

Health & Ergonomics

We promote this through our online tools, ReFlex and Degreed. ReFlex offers employees the possibility to order ergonomic IT equipment for working from home, while Degreed offers online training, tips and tricks for improving ergonomics, and protecting your body through good posture and working practices.


Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

SDG plant