Microsoft Solutions for Supply Chain and Consumer Goods

Microsoft Solutions for Supply Chain and Consumer Goods

Dynamics 365 can provide organisations with the supply chain visibility required to make informed decisions, and realise their strategic goals.

Dynamics provides clients with supply chain visibility to make informed decisions.

Businesses with supply chains face constant pressure on profit margins and increasing global competition. Customers expect a digital and online experience yet still demand personalised engagement, high levels of interaction, and real-time notifications.

The operations team require full visibility across the supply chain and efficient processes in the back office and warehouse, so they can accurately forecast stock levels at multiple locations to meet customer demands.

The management team need accurate and timely information to make informed decisions and see the overall health of their business.

If businesses don’t address the needs of their customers and their operational efficiency they risk losing sales, low staff productivity, customer dissatisfaction, and shrinking profit margins.

KPMG can help businesses with a solution from Microsoft. Dynamics 365 provides the processes, controls and reporting functions required in supply chain management. Whether your functions operate in conjunction with warehousing, importing, assembly, kitting, manufacturing, or retailing, Dynamics 365 has considered the specific needs of inventory-centric businesses.

Business benefits

Dynamics 365 can improve warehouse and inventory management, cashflow, and provide the right information for better decision making. This includes:

  • efficient warehouse functions and strong controls for faster and more effective picking, packing and warehouse movements, as well as less shrinkage and greater stock accuracy
  • intelligent purchasing suggestions and electronic purchase order creation once purchasing decisions are finalised to maximise cash flow and minimise backorders
  • clear, fast, and accurate visibility of stock levels, stock ETAs and other detailed stock and customer information for better customer service.
  • standard electronic communication functions with suppliers, customers and third party logistics (3PL) including in-built EDI functions to communicate with retailers to streamline operations and save administration time
  • easy management of the stock importation process and stock tracking, ensuring the correct sales gross profit is recorded on all invoices.


  • System direct bin location put-aways
  • In-built EDI functions to communicate with retailers
  • Foreign currency facilities including automated management of foreign exchange fluctuations
  • Fully integrated manufacturing, assembly and kitting functionality
  • Flexible serial and lot number recording options with automated warranty management
  • Strong return authorisation (RA) functions and meaningful RA and warranty reporting
  • Automated emailing of client documents, in bulk and individually, including invoices, statements and debt collection letters
  • Automated notifications/warnings of user-defined events, for example if clients are over credit limits/terms or if their stock is low or has run out
  • Fully integrated CRM facilities with the use of profiling and client histories.


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