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Streamlining the grants administration process has many benefits, none more important than providing insights on the positive impacts being delivered to our communities through grant funding. We also know that grants can come with high delivery costs, unclear outcomes and limited scalability. 

KPMG Australia’s grant management service is flexible and adaptable and can be used to provide the management of a grant on an ongoing basis, to provide surge capacity for periods of peak workload, or the implementation of a grant platform only.

KPMG Managed Grants offers a suite of services that take the complexity out of the grants management landscape. Our solution advises you on the best course of action, manages the end to end grants process and our technology solution will enable you to drive efficiency and transparency in your current grants lifecycle.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Grant Management Process Lifecycle


KPMG's Managed Grants service provides advice and support when you need it most.

Our advice offering is underpinned by a team of experts and better practice processes. We can provide you with the support and guidance to manage your grant program risks, establish appropriate design and continuous improvement, and capture the right insights and outcomes.


Navigate the complex grants landscape with our technology solution, KPMG Managed Grants, to support the end-to-end grants administration process. Our technology platform can collate and interrogate various sources of information, providing efficiencies throughout the grant lifecycle and unparalleled real-time insights into the outcomes being achieved across organisations, programs and geographies. Our platform and in-built controls assists you in capturing all the information you need to support defensible decision-making, promote compliance and provide traceability and assurance.


We can design and administer grants on your behalf. You can select from a range of options and pre-configured grant processes that will be tailored to your specific needs. We can provide you with bespoke reporting, insights and the confidence that your grants are being managed appropriately.

Our managed services provide both you and the grant applicant/recipient with efficient and streamlined interactions, grant processes to support achievement of quality outcomes and a better customer experience.

With KPMG's Managed Grants technology platform you can:

Accept, manage and process applications, Administer grants, Manage documents, Track progress, Send regular updates, Make payments, Analyse for compliance, Generate reports

Get in touch to find out how we can help your organisation streamline grants management processes.

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