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Streamlining the grants administration process has many benefits, none more important than providing insights on the positive impacts being delivered to our communities through grant funding. We also know that grants can come with high delivery costs, unclear outcomes and limited scalability.

KPMG Australia’s grant management service is underpinned by a team of grant specialists in our on-shore delivery centres, accelerated through better practice processes, and enabled by advanced data platforms embedded in an enterprise grade technology platform – Microsoft Dynamics. This technology solution may assist in enhancing data collection, helps conduct analysis and streamline documentation throughout the grant application and administration lifecycle.

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Get in touch to find out how we can help your organisation streamline grants management processes.

A growing urgency exists to deliver well-designed and impactful grants programs at pace whilst increasing outcome transparency, cost effectiveness and efficiency. KPMG Australia has partnered with Microsoft to deliver an efficient grant management service that brings:


KPMG Australia's managed grants service for grants management contains pre-configured better practice covering people, process and technology. This enables the establishment of grants at a lower cost with a greater focus on understanding impacts.

Clarity of outcomes

Using KPMG Australia’s Grants Analytics and Reporting suite we can provide rapid insights into the impact of grants at the individual grant level, grant recipient level, grant program level, or geographically. Improved analytics and visualisation allows policy makers and program designers to better target grant responses.


Public trust is increasingly important and requires greater transparency than ever before. KPMG Australia's grants management provides the highest standards of integrity in grants administration.

A scalable service offering

The service is flexible and adaptable and can be used to provide the management of a grant on an ongoing basis, to provide surge capability for periods of peak workload, or the implementation of the grant platform only. KPMG Australia can design and administer grants on behalf of government and our clients can select from a range of options and pre-configured grant processes that will be tailored to their specific needs with the confidence that their grants are being managed correctly.

Driving outcomes across each stage of the grants management lifecycle


Grant design

High quality planning and design underpins the successful management of a grant and supports the achievement and measurement of desired outcomes and objectives. 

  • Work to quickly understand your needs and the needs of the community
  • Undertake solution design to address problem areas
  • Incorporate a risk-based approach to design

Grant management

The grants management process supports an effective working relationship with the grantee and successful implementation, monitoring and reporting to achieve intended outcomes.

  • Negotiate and manage agreements in line with grant guidelines
  • Support and manage grant reporting processes e.g. performance and reporting
  • Manage the storage of grant related data and documentation

Grant selection and establishment

A thorough grant selection and establishment process is essential to ensure a transparent and fair grant application, assessment and selection process.

  • Respond to enquiries and update communicators
  • Develop processes and criteria for grant selection and establishment
  • Establish grant agreements

Acquit and close

Robust acquittal and closure processes ensure transparent and accountable decision-making and capture sufficient information to inform policy and assessment of outcomes.

  • Support the appropriate acquittal of funds
  • Support the audit of grant administration processes
  • Support the evaluation of the grant program

Our platform enables grant managers, grantees, sub-grantees, and contractors to monitor funds, report on transactions, assess performance against predetermined milestones, and enforce compliance against agreed-upon contract terms.

With KPMG’s managed service for grants management you can:


Accept, manage and process applications, Administer grants, Manage documents, Track progress, Send regular updates, Make payments, Analyse for compliance, Generate reports

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