In today’s digital world, every business must embrace the use of technology to compete, and keep up with ever-advancing customer expectations.

But how do leading organisations achieve this at scale, with agility, securely, ethically and profitably?

Leading organisations know that the formula to getting this right is a customer-first culture which needs to be underpinned by a seamless set of systems and processes across the front, middle and back office.

It sounds easy, but in practice can be difficult to transform the legacy ways of working.

Enabling change through technology

At KPMG we use technology to enable this business change.

Whatever your ambitions are – acquiring market share, improving service levels, launching new products and services – we work with you to help achieve them.

Bringing together specialists in industry, strategy, people and process, technology and data, cyber and regulation, we co-create your future state and work with you along the way to see the transformation come to life.

Salesforce is one of the primary platforms we deliver for clients that are seeking to transform how they serve their customers and partners.

KPMG Salesforce is a growing global group with an Australian presence that spans over 20 countries with offshore delivery capability in several locations depending on time zone requirements.

Our Salesforce team is built around the core tenets of business value over features, quality over quantity and stewardship.

We employ a range of deep business and technical skills in the Salesforce ecosystem to offer a high value team to our client engagements.

Connecting the front office to the rest of the organisation, KPMG and Salesforce can help you deliver exceptional customer experiences in today's digital world.

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Solutions for your industry

At KPMG we use technology to enable this business change.

Business value driven front office transformation

KPMG and Salesforce help transform financial service firms to deliver personalised customer experiences.

Delivering front office transformation in today’s regulated markets can be challenging – often consuming budgets just to keep up. KPMG’s approach uses leading practices that enable a faster front office transformation and sets your organisation up to adapt to the market changes ahead.

Leveraging KPMG industry, functional and technical knowledge along with the power of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, our clients can deliver personalised customer experiences, could gain market share, reduce rework and error rates, and bring new products and services to market faster.

KPMG can help your organisation:

  • ✔ Deliver personalised experiences for your customers at each interaction point by connecting multiple sources of data into a single source of truth to create a 360 degree view of your customer.

  • ✔ Understand your customers and deliver on their expectations by conducting Customer Identification Programs (CIP) as part of KYC guidelines.

  • ✔ Deliver exceptional customer experiences that put your customer in the centre and create deeper, longer relationships.

  • ✔ Digitally enable processes to streamline workflow and create efficiencies.

  • ✔ Execute a robust and deliberate adoption plan that drives active use of your CRM, improving data quality resulting in accurate insights.

  • ✔ Secure your solution and data through an informed cyber security plan.

Modernising the citizen experience

KPMG and Salesforce can improve access to government services and transform the citizen experience.

Today’s citizens expect government services to be accessible with the same ease as their experiences in the consumer world – expectations are high and continuously evolving. Shifting policies and unexpected events can create challenges for government departments to maintain service levels.

KPMG combines deep policy and departmental process knowledge with technology skills to help governments scale with agility, respond to constituent needs, and extend the value of their Salesforce investments.

KPMG can help your organisation:

  • ✔ Increase the effectiveness of your Salesforce platform by improving citizen engagement.

  • ✔ Digitise paper and manual processes to improve efficiency and provide the best experience possible.

  • ✔ Develop and optimise grant management processes for citizens and businesses.

  • ✔ Develop a scalable platform in order to respond to evolving policy and program changes at speed.

  • ✔ Move apps to the cloud safely, pilot new technologies, and prepare for regulatory updates while keeping your current environment stable.

  • ✔ Secure your solution and data through an informed cyber security plan.

Powered Grants enabled by Salesforce

A scalable, tailored grant management solution designed to simplify your end-to-end grant management process.

What is Powered Grants enabled by Salesforce? 

KPMG Powered Grants is a suite of services supported by a cloud-based Salesforce platform that deliver a seamless digital customer-centric experience.

The customisable and scalable solution enables government departments and agencies to administer grant programs for citizens and constituents with increased efficiency, transparency and responsiveness.

The solution caters to a wide range of grants – including adhoc grants – that require rapid implementation.

The benefits of Powered Grants enabled by Salesforce:

  • Better practice grants management – built on KPMG’s deep expertise in delivering grants management services
  • Customer-led experience – enhanced by efficient and streamlined interactions
  • Realtime reporting and visualisation – improved visibility of grant outcomes and recipient performance
  • Safeguard accountability and integrity – provide the controls needed to support decision making and financial oversight
  • Cut time to delivery – with customisation options and system integration support
  • Speed of service – react quickly to process applications and offer support to communities in need

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