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Looking through a new lens to enhance business efficiency.

Looking through a new lens to enhance business efficiency.

When it comes to staying competitive in Australia’s telecommunications sector, being lean and efficient can make a huge difference; especially when it comes with improvements to business processes and the customer’s experience.

For AAPT, one of Australia's leading telecommunication companies, this is proving to be essential to underpin and support their ongoing and future growth plans.

Taking the long view

A LEAN process is all about looking at your business through a new lens. What works (and can it be improved), what is wasteful (and why), and is your business culture helping or hindering positive change?

"LEAN is the first time an external auditor has brought me something of real value outside of the traditional audit. Not only did Lean deliver a more efficient year-end audit, it gave our organisation a competitive edge, increasing our productivity and providing greater insights into what is important for our customers."

– Former CFO, AAPT

And it was through this lens, applied by KPMG while documenting and reviewing processes and controls during a financial statement audit, that AAPT were able to see a range of opportunities to enhance business efficiency and drive sustainable change.

Ultimately, the benefits of using LEAN were so clear that they caught the attention of their Chief Financial Officer. This became the catalyst to use LEAN throughout their business (including key customer facing processes) and upskill their staff with global LEAN accreditation, to help them achieve their strategic goals.

Continuous improvement

Now, with a clear focus on building customer value and fostering continuous improvement across their entire company, AAPT has already seen improvements in customer experience and cost savings.